I need motivation

I am new here. I bought a new treadmill back in February to get fit and to lose my baby weight. I was doing as well as i could, however, last month was my daughters first birthday and a lot of cake was consumed and since her birthday I have lost my motivation. It's been just over 3 weeks since I have been on the treadmill and my healthy eating has gone down hill. How do I motivate myself again, given I am back at work and have my one year old.


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  • I hear you it is so easy for me to get disheartened especially as I am impatient and want the weight to just drop off. Logging on here helps me to get motivated when I read some of the members inspirational stories.

    I joined up last Tuesday and started the 12 week plan. My starting weight is 14 stone 5 pounds so overall I need to lose 5 stone and at first that seemed impossible but since chatting to people on here I now KNOW I can do it.

    My first weigh in is tomorrow and I am hoping to have lost 3 pounds in my first week. Wish me luck :-)

    You CAN do it to

  • Good luck tomorrow , you'll do it you sound positive😉👍

  • Thanks Rosie. I am positive feel quite pleased with myself for staying so strong on my first week (normally the first few weeks for me are the hardest as you are breaking habits).

  • Everyone is motivated by different things but small steps and small goals work for me 😊 Also writing them down, or even coming on here a writing out the days pledges 😊

    Put on some music and just do 5 minutes on the treadmill, then you will have achieved something 😊

    With regards to healthy eating start with simple things like reducing snacks, or eating more veg, just boosting the healthier choices whilst reducing the less healthy 😊 I'm useless as feeling deprived so giving them up just doesn't work!!

    Good luck

  • Hi AmiM,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being a member of this great community. Fantastic that you've bought a treadmill to get fit - but I realise you've lost some sense of motivation since your daughter's 1st Birthday - I am sure it is tough juggling your work and looking after your 1 year old.

    Being part of a weight loss community can be really supportive, and hopefully you'll be able to find some renewed sense of motivation from participating in the things that go on in here.

    I'd recommend having a read of the Welcome Newbie post - which is in the Pinned posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage) - and also if you would like to do the weekly weigh-in, then have a look at the Events section (below the Pinned posts), and you'll see the latest thread.

    I would like to wish you the best for a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I am sure you will find the motivation again, maybe some planning of your meals, especially as you are a young mum :-) How about re-naming the "Treadmill"? It gives such a negative connotation don't you think? Maybe call it the "Fitmill" or the "steps to heaven"? I am sure you will get your mojo back Ami :-) John

  • If you have any energy left after a day at work, you can have great fun exercising with a baby - lie on the carpet and lift the baby up and down - strengthens the arms ready for when you have to lift up a 2 year old! Get or borrow a baby back-carrier and take her for walks - (while she is still small enough). Alternatively, get hold of a cross-country buggy and work off pounds pushing her on the common. Soon she will be big enough to go on the back of a bike too. I used to take my daughter to watch me play badminton - put the carrycot by the net whilst we played and she gurgled her support! The main thing is, try not to waste these valuable early years of your child's life being depressed about your weight - time goes too quickly, and you will soon lose the weight once you feel less exhausted and more enthusiastic about life generally.

  • Hi.

    I've bought 2 new dresses that I really wanna get into but can't until I lose the weight- it's working so.far maybe u wanna give it a go?

  • Thank you all for your motivating messages. Today I got onto the treadmill and did a 30 minute workout and feel great. X

  • There's nothing better than pushing your daughter on some lovely long walks. You suceeded once, so you can do it again. I think we've all done it, eating leftovers that the children don't want. Next time bin them. Just make smaller portions for yourself and wean yourself off the cake altogether. Think about the waste food in the house and change your shopping list and buy healthy meals for your daughter, as she will thank you when she is older.

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