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I get up week day morningsat five thirty to walk the dog and then are supposed to go to the gym before going to work for 8.30.but instead I walk the dog them go back bed. Have tried to set alarm on phone and make appointmenta with myself but to nothing works! I don't have anyone to go with either but I do enjoy it when I get there. Any tips for me just can't seem to get had in right place and weight never going to come off if I can't get that sorted! Why is this so hard been battling with weight since 14 and the only times I have ever been at an acceptable weight to me is when I have been ill and lost it! !!grrrrrrr


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  • What I would suggest is getting your gym kit ready the night before When you come back from your walk I would go straight out again,or just have lemon hot water and watch am news then go.Can any other family member walk the dog am,and you do it pm.Good luck with it all.

  • Hi no I have to do mornings then both do evening. I have even put my gym tops on underneath coat when go out and so take it off. I peck my bag with my work clothes and bring down stairs but have still gone back bed😕

  • Ok so you are organized do you still feel tired how about some music on your walk high energy stuff .Are you going to bed at a decent hour and are you sleeping properly.Hope this helps.

  • sounds like quite a tiring regime, couldn't you walk the dog a bit further in the mornings and fit your gym sessions in later in the day rather than trying to do it all before work?

  • Hi difficult to do gym in evenings with the routine that I have dinner dog then veg for hour or so before bed! Just wish I had a lift or gym buddy but nobody goes myway to gym as have asked before. Just gotta buck up and get there I suppose! 

  • I admire your determination! I must admit I mainly walk for exercise. Good luck!

  • I also have to walk home at dinners so I do about five mile a day!  Body is used to it so have to do more to loose any weight! 

  • Could you integrate your exercise into your dog walk routine by jogging with the dog or climbing a steep hill?  Use the stairs at work.  Your day sounds pretty hectic already so maybe you need some more sleep.  Weight loss is more likely if you control your calories rather than just trying to burn it off, and getting exhausted in the process.  Are you trying to be thinner than necessary?  If your clothes fit comfortably and you feel well - don't put yourself under undue pressure.

  • Hi no after doing all this for years body gets used to it but extra pressure at work making me eat more! Can't get into work clothes and refuse to buy next size up again. I would sooner be a heavier smaller size than a lighter larger size! Just feel so much more confident when feel better in clothes

  • Maybe try the c25k programme while walking the dog (although that might be difficult if your dog keeps stopping and sniffing at the wrong times)?

  • Hi yes is a bit and she is 15 in august so not good on legs anyway plus being deaf makes it hard! Just got to not let my head and my initial thoughts when I wake up deter me! 

  • Could you maybe do s home based workout? Lots of videos on Internet, NHS S&F etc 😕 I much prefer a home based workout coupled with swimming and dog walking 😊 Or an exercise class that you need to pre book? Agree though that weight loss is more about calorie reduction, 😕 Good luck!😊

  • Yes I do have some dvds like yoga and meditation. I like it when I an at the gym I have a laugh and people are lovely it is just my head getting in the way of me getting there! 

  • Good luck, it might be easier now it's not dark and cold in the mornings 😊

  • Small rewards each time you go to the gym. Not food related though. Maybe if you go to the gym a set times a week reward your self with putting a few pounds into a fund for a treat for you. Good luck 

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