Biggest loser challenge - post your results!

Morning everyone, this week I had aimed to lose 2.5lb. I was doing really well and had lost 2lb by Saturday morning, so was on target for 2.5lb by this morning. However my friends invitied me out for food on Saturday and Sunday, leading to a 1lb loss this week. I'm still happy with the loss as I could have gained.

Post below your loss/gain this week and if you met your target or not.



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22 Replies

  • Compete fail. 0.1kg lost, think I set 0.5kg as a target. But that was all just to get moreless off my back. Given she's on holiday now, she'll never know. Shhhhh. 

  • Haha moreless is quite scary to be honest. I wouldn't call it a complete fail, you still lost 0.1kg which is much better than a gain! Well done :)

  • Hello ScoobaSteve ,  I had a big loss 3.9 lb this week, was aiming to lose 3 lb. A bit amazed, but on the other hand it's early days, as I'm only 3 weeks in, and I'm also a large person, nearly 98 kg, which might explain my big losses (during first week I lost 4 lb and second week 3.4 lb). I put a lot of cardio in week 3 also. I can't complain !

  • Wow 3.9lb!! That's fantistic tidirhin2548! I think you have a good shot of being the winner this week! :)

  • Hi, I had  loss of 6lb this week bringing my total loss to 2st 12lb, I'm going on holiday June 3rd and would love to have 8lb off by then so need a 1-2lb loss every other week to achieve my goal. So, thats my aim for next week.

  • A 6lb loss, what's your secret haha You're doing great and I'm sure you'll reach your June target :)

  • well done, I'm disappointed with 1/4 lb loss but got what i deserved, more effort from me this coming week

  • Still well done for making a loss, hope you have a great week ahead :)

  • Hi ScoobaSteve,

    Well, your challenge certainly did me a lot of good this week, as I was steadily losing through the weekdays, and like you I was down quite a considerable bit by Friday, but then of course the weekend came, and for me it was my hubby's Birthday, so we ate out and had various other 'extras' over the course of the weekend, so I was actually pleased that I lost 1 pound this week, which I realise is the same as you did.  Congratulations on losing 1 pound - that is still a great result!

    As my main focus in this challenge was to 'lose more than you' - and I know you hoped to lose more than me, I think we can carry this challenge onwards? As so far, we've lost the same amount, so we're 'tied'  i.e. I'd still like to lose more than you by next Monday if you're up for that?  (Obviously using healthy and safe weight loss, as our vehicle to achieve that).

    Are you up for that?

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s.  Very impressed by everyone's effort in this challenge.  Great results.  :-)

  • We have both done well this week, and as I'm currently battling to get into the 10's I have to say that my competitive hat is on! I look forward to losing more than you by next Monday ;)

    My aim for this week will be to lose 2.5lb to leave me at 11st 2lb and then hopefully enter the 10's the following week. Particularly motivating as I don't think I've ever seen the 10's in my life!

    All the best for the week ahead lowcal :)

  • Ok, you're on.  I've set myself a goal to lose 1 pound on the Monday group weigh-in, but that will be a minimum, as I'd ideally like to beat you.    I love a healthy competition.  Your goal is a sensible one, so if I can achieve that too - I'll be really happy!!!!  

    All the best Steve!  Hope you have a great week. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Steve are you not a bloke? in the 10s? are you 4ft tall? surely the 10s are very light for a man....I think I was in the 10s when I was indeed 10 lol I think I would feel skeletal at that weight, i would be cosy though as i cld wrap my excess skin round me for heaviest as been 22stone so thats a lot of skin lol good luck with the challenge

  • I am 5 foot 7" and a small frame I think. I still have a belly at 11st 4lb. I think what I'll do is go to about 10.5st and then try build up some muscle.

  • Good plan....but play it by ear, see how you feel as you go down, you might find a lean trim Steve is exactly who you like looking at in the mirror.

  • Yeah I've never really been slim before so I'll see how it goes really. Re: muscle, I'm not talking anything crazy haha :)

  • Hi ScoobaSteve. I lost 3 pounds this week. I'm quite pleased as I put on 3 pounds last week & Im now back on track. Lost 4 pounds in total & I'm aiming for 2 this week

    Onwards & Downwards

  • Great job Suzie! Glad you're back on track, never give up :) Best of luck for the week ahead.

  • Hi ScoobaSteve. Happy to report a  2.5lb loss this week. More than I expected but hope it was down to the 2 extra walks I put in over the weekend. Hope I can keep it going this week.

  • Great job, I'm sure you can continue and have a great loss next week as well :)

  • Hi ScoobaSteve.

    hope you enjoyed your weekend with your friends. :)

    I have lost 2.8lbs which to be honest, I was not expecting at all! as I had gained over 3lbs in previous week. but I guess couple of days of calories intake of just over 1000 really does make a difference! :D  I think I am going to continue this routine for the next two to three weeks to see if it really works/continues working.

  • Great Job Sana786! All the best for the week ahead :)

  • Okay so winner of the week is maiziepops with a fantastic loss of 6lb! Well done :)

    I'd like to thank everyone for taking part, you have all done well. Wishing you a great week ahead.


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