Calorie reduction and body temperature


I have been doing the NHS 12 week plan for nearly 3 weeks now.  I have reduced my calorie intake considerably and I have noticed that I'm having real difficulty staying warm.

If I get cold, I can't seem to warm up and I'm covered in goosebumps and chilled right through. This will last even after eating or drinking something warm and sitting right up against a radiator.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  I'm guessing it's due to reduced calorie intake but not sure....



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8 Replies

  • Hi Son1

    I have reduced more than calories and to be honest I am feeling the cold a bit more.  I suspect it has more to do with we were consuming way to many calories before, possibly the wrong kind,  and our bodies were becoming inflamed.  This inflammation made us feel warm and tired. 

    As someone who suffers from inflammatory disease, I think if we are otherwise doing well and not aggravating our condition, feeling a bit chilly is possibly going to help us burn of that lard a bit faster ;)

    I have taken to either keeping moving or wearing my dressing gown lol

  • Hiya,

    Yes, I've been consuming way more than 2000 a day for an extended period of time, I'm sure of that.  Since starting this, I've been surprised at the calorific content of many things and I've generally been between 1400-1700 a day.  Probably about half of what I was eating before,

    It's surprising how cold I've been and like you, I've been wearing my dressing gown a lot more too!  I thought I'd post on here and see if anyone else has had the same symptom as my husband has been concerned so it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

  • Hi

    If you reduce calories below a certain level, you will feel cold, which is why the level of 1200 calories is often recommended. Have a look at basal metabolic rate, which is what your body needs to maintain itself, including keeping you feeling warm, without any exercise etc. Consuming calories below your basal metabolic rate may not be a good idea for some people.

  • Thanks Penel,

    I've kept them at 1400 or slightly above, I'm finding eating 1400 difficult as I've been eating a lot more than I should have for quite an extended period of time now so definitely not at or below 1200.  I've been surprised at just how cold I've been feeling and yes, probably my BMR adjusting to the reduced calorie intake.

  • Have you looked at the nhs bmi calculator? It also gives you a guide for your calorie allowance, according to your own weight, height, age and activity level.

    I remember when I was doing ww years ago, I started getting cold all the time and started getting headaches.

    When I started the 12 week plan I tried to eat 1400 calories a day - only to start feeling the same after a while. My bmr is just over 1670 calories , so I try to eat between 1750 and 1850 calories a day - and I feel a lot better for it 😊

  • ooo, that's interesting.

    I haven't looked at that, thank you for the tip, I'll have a look :-)

  • For me 1400 isn't enough and makes me slowly but progressively feel worse 😊

  • I am with Elissy, eat enough to lose weight, but feel well!

    I too get the chills, but find a brisk walk soon does the trick.  Failing that, wear lots of layers!

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