Around the world in 80 days - Weekly stats

Around the world in 80 days - Weekly stats

Here is where we are sleeping - an underwater hotel in Fiji. Wow :D :D :D

Last week we clocked 3,956 kms, which is extra 449kms over our target and is very much needed for our island hopping and the surprise I have in store for you on Saturday. Its such a secret trip - haven't even told Moreless :D :D

Okay here are the weekly stats for the travellers that managed to clock up 10kms and more.

Keep-on-going 10.04

Lowcal 10.42

Keep-on 10.72

Moreless 11.00

Nussaybah 11.51

Kars1111 11.55

Florence 12.59

NickyNoo 12.97

JayseeSkinny 13.11

Darren 13.47

Gonti 17.96

Lottolose 18.79

Geza 19.28

Mimsta 22.87

Lexi 23.43

Veronicaby 24.65

Jog-on 25.94

As I say again and again, we are not in competition with each other. We collectively clock up those kms so we can continue on this wonderful journey around the world and have lots of fun. And its a funny thing that the challenge, the travel guides (me and Moreless) and the travellers has motivated you all to do more and more everyday. It is great :D :D

Happy Travels everyone :) :) :)

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33 Replies

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  • Night night πŸ˜‡

  • Wow Im looking forward to sleeping in that hotel. Gosh I shall be wondering what you have in store for us on Saturday FizzyLiz. My kms today are 5kms on exercise bike and 3.07 walking so a total of 8.07kms.

  • Great stuff Marianne :)

  • Thank you moreless. Sleep sweetly and relax to you and Everyone.

  • How lovely :)

  • hi there Lizzy my steps for to day wasn't as good as yesterdays they were 4450 will try harder tomorrow take care Alan xx

  • They're still good though Alan, so well done you! :)

  • hi there i'm trying my best take care good night Alan xx

  • You always do Alan and we're very grateful for that :)

  • hi there your to kind many thanks Alan xx

  • No secrets! No fair! :(

    I'm gobsmacked by our stats - who would ever have thought this was possible? Another strange thing is that our group is getting smaller, but our K's are increasing. What a brilliant group of travellers we are! :) WTG us!

    I can't wait for saturday now. You do realise that I shall be nagging you constantly for our destination :D

  • Getting better πŸ˜€ 3.8 km today X

  • Great stuff Britdiane!! :)

  • Hi All! Ive astounded myself with my kms today lol....17.4kms! The sun was shining and i just made the most of it! My fitbit is in shock πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Woohoo quin, wtg you! :)

  • Didn't even know underwater hotels existed! Wow!!!

    I am so happy to be on the board, it is amazing how sometimes in the week I feel lazy then I immediately think about FizzyLiz and Moreless and bigalan and Prin and Jog-on and NickyNoo and Gonti and the rest of the team who are all working so hard and then I just say to myself" ok let's just go" you just can't sit here. Who would have thought a virtual trip would motivate us soooo much!!!

    I can't believe I actually clocked more kms this week. So odd as I was not even sure I had averaged 10! (someone needs to review her maths hey!).

    Today I did 14.4kms cycling and 6.95 walking.

  • Woohoo Nussaybah! You're going to be increasing your average again, if you keep clocking up numbers like that! :)

    This challenge is keeping all of us on our toes! :)

  • Hi everyone, reporting in for the first time in a fortnight, I have been in Manchester as it was my Mums internment ( only my Mum could have 3 funerals - cremation, burial of most of ashes and a scattering in summer of a small amount!!), and I have been nursemaiding my other Mum ( ex mum in law) as she has had a hip replacement. I have been unable to log on as her house seems to be in quite a 'dead zone' and her wifi is seriously rubbish - so many apologies. I am giving my Kms for the last 2 weeks, which are - to Mon 8/2 26.5km, to Mon 15/2 43km, these figures are what I remembered to log and are not the full kms done, some are not calculated - again apologies. I am home now, so hopefully will be posting again daily - todays 16/2 will be posted tonight. Glad everyone is doing so well. Our rooms in Fiji are amazing!!

  • Shellie, I'm delighted to have you back with us! You've had a tough time just lately and I'm sure it's going to be a relief to you to get back into your normal routine.

    Thanks so much for all your K's, I'm sure Liz will find a stunning place for a day trip for us, as she always does :)

    Looking forward to catching up with you daily now :)

  • Great stats everyone! I think my daily average was about 18kms, which is the highest I have ever managed.

    You are right, we are not in competition with each other, just ourselves.

    I love the underwater hotel, it would be amazing to sleep there.

  • You've done absolutely brilliantly LtL. I'm not sure why you're not up on the board :)

  • FizzyLiz made a boo boo - will fix later 😳😊

  • Oops! ;)

  • Thread updated with your name included. Please forgive me - we think you're great. Daily average of 18.79 - woohoo πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  • Thank you FizzyLiz, no worries about the leader board, I knew I had done well last week. This week isn't going to be so good, I appear to have succumbed to the lurgy, so am just going to dial it back a bit until I am better.

    Also, I think YOU are great for keeping us all motivated every day!

  • Noooooooooo! You can't have the lurgy too LtL! :o

  • Yeah, I am bummed about it, I have bad asthma and don't cope too well with viruses :(

    I am taking tons of vitamin C and drinking loads and carrying on as normal(ish) so far, crossing my fingers and hoping it is short-lived.

  • Oh heck! That's a real drag! I shall keep everything crossed for you too! :o

  • Thanks Moreless! x

  • My daughter

    Got married in Fiji

    Brings back beautiful memories

    Might have to start and join you all on your travels

  • You'd be more than welcome to join us kitkat :)

  • Just 4,543 steps today.

  • There's no just to it Karen, that's a great number of steps. Well done! :)

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