Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Sunday 14 February

Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Sunday 14 February

Morning Travellers,

Today we have island hopped to Kiribati Island with 33 atolls and the main island built on a beautiful coral reef. Stand down the kayaks- it's our rest day and will be using a motorised boat to get around :D

Snorkelling to your heart's content or just taking in the wonders of the South Pacific. Look at the blue sky and the turquoise waters - just wonderful ❤️❤️

Happy Travels everyone 😊😊😊😊

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141 Replies

  • What a beautiful picture. Its like paradise

  • Great photo - how I would love to visit for real😊

    Another day of paperwork so do think many steps, but I will try and get some in.

  • I've done 32.5 km since I last logged on (not inc today).

    Sorry, I've been really poorly recently.

  • Oh dear K_o_g, I hope you're on the mend now! Thanks for the update :)

  • Hope you're better now 😊

  • I walked 7km on a treadmill today.

  • Well done Arbitdude :)

  • Beautiful picture- looks amazing

    4 1/2 miles today

    : )

  • Well done MR :)

  • I got to the gym early and as well as strength training, I clocked up 19.11kms on the cardio equipment.

  • Good grief LtL! Phew! I'm exhausted just reading your post! :)

  • Been for a nice walk with daughter did 10,479 steps

  • Fantastic Karen! :)

  • Ooh - I'm going for a run along that beach and then taking a long leisurely swim in that water to cool me down. After that I'm on the boat lazing in a deck chair with a book and a cocktail. Or I might just chat to some of the other travellers, get a few ideas on how to get fit.

    13.7 km today, a morning run (unfortunately not on that beach) and an afternoon walk which took me past 2 lakes (but they didn't look as inviting as that sea).

    If I do any more - and I have no intentions of - I will add it to tomorrow's count.

    Happy travelling everybody!

  • You just have to imagine these places and blot out the clouds, rain, snow and cold JC :)

    Great total! :)

  • Sounds like a great day 😊

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    I've done a long walk today - 14kms - really enjoyed it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lucky you Lowcal, I set out for a 16K walk and had to return home because of a blizzard! :o

    Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

  • I have been ill for the last 2 days so no Kms 😕

  • Oh dear Britdiane, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're on the mend now. Thanks for keeping us posted :)

  • Well, in the bright blue but chilly skies of Cumbria I have done 13457 steps as of now. Will just be pottering around the house for the rest of the day but pleased with achieving my walking goal for today. Great numbers everyone - let's keep up the good work.

  • Well done Saga, you're doing a grand job! :)

  • Hi all

    That sky and sea look so beautiful and invitng, I wish I was snorkelling there for real today.

    Hope you're all having a lovely day. Today I have clocked up 11.9 km on the exercise bike. No steps to record as I haven't left the house all day, been cooking and cleaning most of the day and reading in between.

    Happy travels peeps.

    Nic 😀

  • That's great Nic :)

  • 4409 steps

    Shame went to aerobics and for a walk but left my pedometer at home. Never mind!

  • What a silly billy you are bd! ;)

  • How beautiful that looks!! My mileage for today was 7.8 miles xxxxx

  • Fabulous Florence :)

  • Hi Florence - did you manage to clock up any miles yesterday? :)

  • 3.6 yesterday. Went shopping !

  • Hope you got something nice Florence ;)

  • Evening All, my kms today are not the best but 1.20kms. Have been taking in the beauty all around. Have a lovely evening Everyone.

  • All K's are good K's Marianne :)

  • Thank you moreless, your support is much appreciated. Happy Valentines to you and Everyone.

  • Thank you Marianne and Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

  • Chill day 0 km

  • Thanks for letting us know Aqua :)

  • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone


    Had the best day of the week today clocking up 25.56km. Think I might laze around now and watch the sun go down on our paradise island.

    Just hope all this effort shows on the scales tomorrow. Good luck to everyone.

  • Woohoo Mimsta! What a star! :)

    I really hope you have a great weigh-in tomorrow, because you sooooooo deserve it! :)

    You seem very loved up, with all the hearts ;) Happy Valentine's Day to you too :)

  • 9.1 km today

  • Fantastic K_o_g! :)

  • Horrible day !! Only did 0.5 km so sorry !😕


  • Don't be sorry Flossie, I know exactly what you mean. I went out for a walk, only to be confronted with a blizzard! If I didn't have my bike I'd be logging a big fat zero! :)

  • 9.6kms today. Smashed my target of 100,000 steps for the week. Feeling very pleased and relieved I did it.

  • Woohoo henlady! You rock!! :)

    You should be pleased and we're all pleased for you! :)

  • Well done. Similar target for me from tomorrow...once I've kicked my backside!

  • Good luck.

    I'm trying to think of a challenge for this week but haven't come up with anything yet. Need it to be attainable but with an effort.

  • hi Lizzy i did a massive 4463 steps today and i'm very tired take care good night to all Alan xx

  • WOOHOO Alan!! WTG you! That's brilliant! No wonder you're tired! :)

  • hi there many thanks off to bed now take care your friend Alan xx

  • Night night Alan :)

  • night night from me xx

  • Wow Alan, what a fantastic number. So chuffed for you and you have every right to be tired. What a great effort. Well done xx

  • hi Bu-dog many thanks its took it out of me but we will see what we do today take care speak to you later Alan xx

  • Hi less steps today as I have had to do stuff on computer. 6510 steps. 2.96km

    Hope to do a bit more tomorrow!

  • All K's are good K's Pog :)

  • Pig, I did 6626 steps today at a stride length of 68cms and covered 4.5kms so I think you are doing yourself out of mileage.....or my pedometer is out!

  • Hi Bu-dog thanks for pointing that out. Have checked my data saved on pedometer and I did 5.25 km. a big difference!

  • Sorry Pog, just realised what the predictive text called you. No offence meant 😳

  • Oh my!! :o

  • Yup, it's bad 😩

  • But entirely innocent :)

  • No offence taken at all I had a good chuckle!!

  • You are all such a nice bunch on here. 😊

  • We only invited nice people Bu-dog! ;)

  • I was nobbled by the snow today, so couldn't get out for my planned walk. I had to get back on my bike, although not out on the road :D

    Totals today are:

    Cycling - 16.2

    Rowing - 0.16

    Total - 16.36 :)

  • Hi Moreless,

    Great Kms, well done you!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • Fantastic, moreless 😊

  • Thanks Elissy :)

  • Hello :) I have managed 6.9km today which included a 5km walk in the cold!

  • Well done Sueper, you were much braver than me :)

  • I suspect it is a tad warmer down ere in Devon :)

  • That's always possible :D

  • A much more chilled out 6.1km from me today. I don't ache nearly as much as I was anticipating after yesterday's adventures so maybe this walking lark does get easier after all!

  • Oh it definitely gets easier Garfield! You should have seen, and heard, me when I first started out! It wasn't pretty! :D

    Well done you for sticking with it! :)

  • Kind of missing the kayaking today in such amazing scenery! Hit my personal target again today: 7.9k 11100 steps. Might struggle tomorrow as I'll be in the car much of the day and I can't even walk on the spot there!!

  • You need a Flintstone's car too Phil! :D

    Well done for hitting your target again today though :)

  • Another beautiful pic.

    Today 3.1km walking 10.8 cycling.

  • Fantastic Nussaybah! :)

  • Evening 😊

    10.58 km today, did a lovely walk.

    What an amazing picture Lizzy 😊

  • That sounds fab Elissy :)

  • Beautiful spot, will take a romantic stroll to watch the sunset with oh.

    Be back for cocktails.

    7.5km (Sunday)

    Happy Valentine's Day all 💞

  • Aww, how sweet Ruth :)

  • What a beautiful spot to relax. Just what I need.

    Today's steps 6626, 4.5kms....well it is Valentine's Day so took it easy!

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable day.

  • Quite right Bu-dog :)

  • How beautiful! 10.1km today, have a fab time relaxing everyone

  • Terrific rainshine :)

  • Hi Rainshine - did you do any kms for Saturday?

  • 4.2km- sorry if I didn't post up

  • Sunday I did 2.3 km's 😃

  • Well done veganista :)

  • Its amazing but since I've been force to sit on the sun deck I've loss four pounds, so I think I've found the secret, you lovely people keep running , swimming and cycling and I'll lose weight watching you, seems like a plan. (ha ha)

  • Cheat! ;)

    Congrats grandad, well done you. I hope things are healing nicely :)

  • 7:2km :)

  • Well done Cazmaz :)

  • Morning all,

    Figures for sunday are 4.04km walking and 10km cycling so total 14.04km 😀

  • Fantastic kars! :)

  • Morning lazy day at the beach yesterday with Mr Mix 2.7km and 4.92 for me 🌝

  • Lucky you! ;)

    Well done both of you :)

  • Hi all. I only managed 7k today still poorly and really fed up. Poor Ed has started feeling ill too so his kms are 15.5. Great start to the hols!! :/

    On the plus side we've had a sprinkling of snow overnight which was lovely to wake up to :)

    Happy travels all x

  • Oh no Kate! I thought you were on the mend and Ed was fighting fit! This is not good news at all! :(

    You've still managed to clock up great K's though :)

    Get out there and make a mini snowman, it'll make you feel heaps better! :D

  • Hi all, managed to do a very round 8kms on Sunday. Pottered around during the day and went on the dreaded week 5 run 3 in the couch to 5k program (for those who don't know it, you step up a gear from walking/running to a continuous 20 min run - quite daunting when the most you have run continuously so far has been 8 mins). I am very chuffed that I completed it with no issues, so am celebrating with a rest day today but plan to do a fair bit of walking as I am on leave also.

    Have a great day everyone x

  • Well done lynalla! I have so much respect for all you runners, I wouldn't even manage a 20 second run! :o

    Enjoy your holiday :)

  • 14.99km for Sunday, what a beautiful beach!

  • Fantabulous keep-on! :)

  • Is everything OK keep-on, only we haven't heard from you for a week? :)

  • Hello more-less, so sorry I haven't been posting. Had some stressful family stuff going on this week. Mind has been all over the place, I'll find today's thread & get my Km's posted.

  • Thanks keep-on, sorry to hear you've had some stressful stuff going on :(

  • Morning All

    Apologies, I seem to be struggling a bit with logging on at home on my tablet I'm not sure if it's technical issues with the site or a dodgy tablet or wi-fi connection at home.

    The weekend km totals for me are:

    Saturday - 2.36 km

    Sunday - 6.68 km

    Have a good day everyone.

  • It's a technical issue mrsg! The site seems to be getting worse, because it's not just us, but other communities that are struggling too. My advice is to report the problems to the tech team - surely they have to sort it out soon! :o

    Thanks and well done for your totals :)

  • Hi, 3.2k for Sunday 14th. Plus I did two hours gardening getting rid of the dead stuff and digging out brambles. How come they grow so much through the winter? :)

  • Well done Mrscaw :)

    Just about everything that happens in a garden is a mystery to me! ;)

  • :) :)

  • Hi sorry I haven't posted earlier x Saturday was 3.8km and Sunday nothing after having celebrated rugby on Saturday a bit too enthusiastically ☺️Xx

  • Thanks Claire, I take it you enjoyed yourself! ;)

  • 😳😳😳 I did but not so much Sunday 😖😖xx

  • Ha ha, that'll teach you! ;) :D

  • Here goes: 24704 steps or 19.59k, plus 18.43k cycling. Total: 38.02k

  • Woohoo Lexi, thank goodness, cos our total for sunday is looking pretty grim at the mo :o

  • Wow"...stunning scenery mean while back to the bitter cold winds back miles last week are wed-13.81 miles Thu-15.85 Fri-16.89 Sat-12.46 Sun-12.77..👟👟

  • Thanks Veronicaby, these numbers are desperately needed :)

  • Thanks any time 😊

  • Every day please! :D

  • Hello everyone!

    Hope you had a lovely day, whatever it was you were doing!

    I did a 3km walk to round off the week.

  • Fantastic Geza! :)

  • Kiribati, eh I turned down a job there twenty years ago and so this is my first visit.

    Sorry to be so late logging in 4.5km all walking in bright sunshine ....

  • Your life sounds so exciting Gonti :)

    Not to worry, better late than never! :)

  • 9.61 kms for Sunday.

  • Great K's Don ! :)

  • 1.66 km for Sunday

  • Well done jenni :)

  • 4.68km fof Sunday for me.

  • Good for you RAF_girl :)

  • Sunday 14th 2.5 kms

  • Found it! :D

  • Been for a walk around our local lodge today even though I have been feels

    Ping under the weather managed 10249 steps today.

    Averaged just over 13,000 steps a day last weekend

    The photo looks fantastic.

    By the way lost 2lb last week 😀

  • Hi Sue, I found you eventually :)

    That's a great number of steps :) We'll look forward to being able to add your totals to everyone else's. All we ask is that you log on every day to tell us your numbers, even if your number is zero! :)

    It's just left for me to say welcome aboard fellow traveller! :)

    PS There are 2 threads posted per day, so make sure you check the day/date before you post. To make it easier, go to FizzyLiz's profile page and the most recent post will be at the top of the list :)

  • Thanks will do this is a really great site look forward to it 😀

  • Great stuff! We're very pleased to have you aboard! :)

  • Sorry I was not with you in that beautiful location- Sunday 23.05km, including a 7km round central Rome with dh and walking from the stadium- via a bar or 2......

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