Around the world in 80 days - please post steps/kms/miles for Friday 12 February (Part 2). Ricky is back :D

Around the world in 80 days - please post steps/kms/miles for Friday 12 February (Part 2). Ricky is back :D

Good evening travellers,

Tonight we will be hula dancing on the beach with Daniel and Idris and shaking our bon bons with Ricky. Yes he is back and is full of energy :D :D :D

Sizzling prawns on the BBQ and your favourite cocktails served by Ricky's backing singers.

Happy travels everyone :) :) :)


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100 Replies

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  • Hi Lizzy! 4500 for me today. xx

  • Well done Runningsoon :)

  • Hi Runningsoon, is everything OK, only we haven't heard from you for 3 days now? :)

  • Hiya - all fine but busy busy! And half term so routine out the window and far away....! Sorry didn't realise it's been 3 days - will find today's thread and give paces to Lizzy.

  • Thanks Runningsoon :)

  • hi Lizzy only 918 steps today what a let down? Alan xx

  • Don't think like that Alan, because it just isn't so! :)

  • hi there i know, when i'm feeling blue all have to do is think about you then i'm not so blue. like tesco says every little helps Alan xx

  • No way, bigalan, it all adds 😊 πŸ‘

  • hi there is nice to meet you i'm Alan you can knock the big of if you like i know i'm 6 ft 3 inches and 20 1/2 stone soon you can call me little al as the weight is coming off many thanks Alan xx

  • Hi Alan

    No distance is too small 😊

    We are all different, so we all do what we can 😊

  • hi there your spot on there thank you for your reply take care Alan

  • You are not the only one Alan. I didn't meet my target today either. Maybe it's fed up Friday lol.

    Never mind, tomorrow's another day so think positive. That's what I'm going do πŸ€“

  • hi there Bu-dog, i've just said to lowcal that however you feel on that day there is someone there to help you cope, what a lovely loads of friends your are for me, and your right tomorrow is another day take care and many thanks for your kindness Alan =)

  • You never let us down, Alan, those steps make a great contribution. :-)

  • hi there lowcal i would love to given you all a big hug, because it doesn't matter i you feel everyday you are there to put a smile on my face. take care your friend always Alan xx

  • Hi Alan,

    That's a lovely thing to say, glad you have a smile on your face and hope you have a great day today :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi Lowcal your very welcome, i don't know where i be if i didn't have so many friends on this forum like you, my day has been good been out this afternoon and watching the snow come down and then stop just before i got home many thanks speak to you later with my mileage for today your friend Always Alan xx

  • Sounds good to me, pity GeorgeC couldnt make it.

  • Forgot to say he's manning the BBQ to make sure the prawns are not overcooked :D :D

  • Oooo Ill see if he needs any help and I so love prawns FizzyLiz.

  • Oolong idris eye candy

    0 km just a few Kims in weaving and stitching today which don't count.

  • Ooh Aqua, do you weave? How clever of you! :)

  • Kevin looks a lot better in his outfit than I look in mine! :o

    I started the day full of good intention, but when I saw it was raining, I'm afraid I completely lost my mojo and am ashamed to say haven't clocked up any K's at all.

    I hope to be able to redeem myself tomorrow, but am feeling really shattered, for some reason. Hopefully a bit of hula will get me moving and grooving again :)

  • Oh moreless, you've done so well, might be time to re- charge your batteries?!

    Lots of us have been worn out only to be picked up by your kind and encouraging words - time for you to sit back and receive some from us ?!!!

    Hugs and strength coming your way from me 😊 πŸ’ͺ 😊

    And better weather on the horizon for next week πŸ˜‰

  • Aww thanks Elissy, that's really sweet of you :)

    Maybe my tumble took more out of me than I thought and I'm just needing to take a bit more time to recover.

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, they're so thoughtful and very much appreciated :)

  • Moreless, you are one of the most thoughtful people on here - always commenting on everyone's posts, picking out little remarks and making people feel special and listened to!!!!

    Of course that accident will have left you shaken!!!

    Take it easy and take your time 😊 You can't always give to others - sometimes you need to give to yourself too πŸ˜‰

  • Bless you Elissy, you're so kind :)

  • Oh moreless - big hugs coming your way. I'm sure your tumble has caught up with you. Rest is a great healer. Don't worry you won't be letting us down if don't clock up any kms over the weekend. For once the other travellers will be the ones carrying you on their backs :) :) So please promise you will take it easy :O :D

  • Oh thanks Liz, I was feeling bad and like I was letting everyone down. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for some fine weather, because I'm sure a nice walk would perk me up and wouldn't affect my knees the way the cycling does :)

    Oh crumbs, I wouldn't like to think of anyone struggling with me on their back, that would be asking for a hernia!! :D

    I promise to take things easy and thanks again for your concern and your very welcome hugs :)

  • Wow, Moreless, you would never let anyone down. You are amazing. :-)

  • Aww thanks Lowcal :)

  • HI Moreless,

    You've been a busy woman today, and you need to recuperate after your fall - so have a good sleep tonight, and hopefully you'll feel better and back to your lovely self tomorrow. A bit of hula could get you moving and grooving, but don't do yourself any further mischief! ;-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I shall take your advice Lowcal and see if I can get myself sorted out. Thank you :)

  • 1.5km 😳😳 every little helps 😊x

  • It certainly does Claire :)

  • Hi Claire,is everything OK, only we haven't heard from you for 3 days :)

  • 25.08 Kms for me Friday. Mmm bbq prawns !!

  • Yikes, that's impressive 😊

  • Oh my word Mimsta! You're a machine! :)

  • Yep too right. Woman and machine in perfect harmony, am loving the exercise bike especially listening to Bowie and Thin Lizzy, no pun intended fizzyLiz.🚴🏽🚡🏼🚴🏽

  • Oooh, sizzling prawns and hula hoops sounds like a great night πŸ’ƒ.

    7.21 km for me today, will try to do a little running over half term to see how it goes 😊

  • Great stuff Elissy :)

    Good luck with the running - be careful! :)

  • 3.4km for me, slept in for work so missed my 6am walk this morning😟

  • Oops Ruth! Not to worry, it's saturday tomorrow and you can celebrate either with a lie-in, or an extra long walk.......................or both! ;)

  • hi yesterday 7035 steps and today 1048 steps

  • Well done prettylady, I bet you're feeling shattered after the carnival walks! :)

  • thanks,i was feeling so tired i decided to take a rest

  • Of course! You did magnificently and so deserve to take it easy :)

  • Are you still resting prettylady, because we haven't heard from you for 3 days :)

  • Oh my, sizzling prawns and Daniel. Just too many delights in one night. No hula for me!

    12968 steps and a disappointing 8.8 kms. Feel motivated to walk but stuff got in the way.

    Struggling with focus on food this week. Out tomorrow night but I'm going to plan my whole weeks menu on Sunday so that I'm organised.

    Feeling fed up πŸ™

    Off now to look for Daniel and share a sizzle or two 😘

  • Oh Bu-dog! I'm so sorry you're feeling fed up! Your steps and your K's are great, don't feel disappointed with them. Life has a habit of putting the mockers on the best laid plans.

    You may have been struggling with your focus on food this week, but you've already got a plan to sort that out. Enjoy your night out tomorrow and give yourself a big pat on the back for not throwing in the towel, slobbing out on the sofa and stuffing your face with cream buns! ;)

    You can do this Bu-dog and we can help! :)

  • Woohoo I love the minions (and you may have noticed but I'm an admirer of Idris as well)... 9.4km

    For me today πŸ˜€

  • No, really rainshine? I'd never have guessed! ;)

    Great total! :)

  • Only 1 km today πŸ˜”

  • All K's are good K's Beryl :)

    Still no profile pic? :)

  • Nope - no time!

  • 10.5kms today, 5 of which running. Trying to alternate cycling and running days....

  • That sounds like a great idea Nussaybah and you're doing so well :)

  • Hello All 😊

    Friday = 3 km's!!

  • Woohoo veganista, well done you :)

    I hope this means you're feeling a bit better :)

  • Hi all, Fri kms me - 5.2 - would have been more but fitbit becomes a pumpkin at midnight so my post 12p.m. exertions will be added onto sat!! Ed 33kms - 25k spinning, 8k steps and dog walking :)

  • Thanks Cinderella, fantabulous scores as usual :)

  • 7.38 kms for Thursday and 5.10 for Friday.

  • Great stuff Don :)

  • 6498 steps for Friday β˜€οΈ

  • Well done Fran :)

  • Good morning all

    Best picture, I think I also own that skirt

    . Me yesterday 29.8k.

    7:30am am off to a spinning class -oh how I've changed!

    Have a great day

  • Woohoo Gonti! Superstar and exercise queen! :)

  • 5.9 kms for me on Friday. Have a great Saturday everyone x

  • Well done lynalla and the same to you :)

  • 13167 steps = 9.56k for yesterday, plus a 20k spin class.

  • Woohoo Lexi, these spin classes are becoming really popular :)

  • 13.37km for Thursday & 8.55km Friday

  • Hiya all. 7.2k for Friday. Yummy prawns, mmmmm...Hope you feel OK on Sat moreless, a fall is quite a shock to the system. Sending hugs and a BIG thank you for the support and care you give everyone here.

  • Aww thanks Mrscaw, that's so sweet of you :) I'm hoping to get out for a walk today :)

    Your K's are very nice too :)

  • 3.84km for Thursday and 3.95km for Friday

  • Thank you jenni :)

  • Hi all,

    My figures for Friday are 4.03km and 8km cycling so a total of 12.03km πŸ˜€

  • Fantastic kars :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    Sorry for the late post!

    On Friday I did 10.3 km on the exercise bike and a measly 1268 steps

    Nic πŸ˜€

  • All steps count Nic and a great total :)

  • This website is getting soooooo frustrating- i couldnt see this thread last night or today until now and now it shows up and says its 15 hours ago!

    and now i've missed Idris!

  • And Idris missed you - I could tell his heart wasn't in it when he was shaking his bon bons :D :D

  • Ha ha!

    Oh i forgot to add 1.5kms for last night Liz : )

  • Silly billy! ;)

  • Have you reported the problem MR? :)

  • This msg has only shown up now 14/2 12.18pm.

    How do i report it ML?

  • Good grief MR! :o

    At the top middle of your screen and to the right of the notifications bell, it says help. Click on that and follow instructions.

    There will be a lot of guff that won't be pertinent to your problem, just bypass all that and write an email. Give as many details as you possibly can.

    They will suggest that you change to Google Chrome, if you're not already using it , will ask for a screenshot of when the problem occurs and for the URL when it occurs. It seems to be their standard reply.

    Keep badgering them until they get it sorted ;)

  • oh i did that a few weeks ago- nothing changed the help button does not help. I thought there might be another way to report things, obviously not.

  • Did you get an email from them? If not, send them another message. If you got an email, send them another and say nothing's sorted and what are they up to?

  • I didn't get an email back saying its fixed but said theyre looking into it - i'll contact them again

  • That's what to do :)

  • 6.36 miles for Friday at work. Love the minion.

  • Great total Angie :)

    I think that's Kevin :)

  • Hi Angie, is everything OK, only we haven't heard from you for 3 days :)

  • Really sorry. Had a lazy day Saturday and was going to post on Sunday and was busy at work. Today been shopping with daughter.

    Saturday 2.8 miles

    Sunday 5.8 miles

    Today 6.8 miles (lots of walking around shops)🚢🏼🚢🏼🚢🏼

  • Thanks Angie, Liz is trying to get the stats done :)

  • 4.3 miles for Friday

  • Well done Steph :)

    Sorry, I appear to be answering your posts out of order! :D

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