Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Thursday 11 February (Part 2)

Around the world in 80 days - Please post your steps/kms/miles for Thursday 11 February (Part 2)

Evening Travellers,

We are now on Day 48 of our epic journey around the world. For the next 8 days, we will be island hopping in the South Pacific ocean. Luckily the steamer sells swim wear in every size and for all tastes and abundance in suncream and spray and wide brim hats and sunglasses.

Tonight we are back on the dance floor for some Take That classics. Unfortunately Gary Barlow's visa didn't arrive in time. So instead we have Robbie Williams, Jason, Mark and Howard. In honour of little miss fizz, Prosecco, Bellini and Kir Royale are being served by Daniel, Rachel, Will and Idris.

I am on Cloud Nine and was feeling rather overwhelmed today. Only managed 2kms but yesterday I did just over 13kms - all that walking in Preston!

Happy Travels everyone :D :D :D


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90 Replies

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  • 10kms today.

    My pony was called Fizz when I bought her. Think it was a cartoon character at the time.

  • I think one of the Tweenies was called Fizz :)

    Great K's henlady! :)

  • Like your picture, Moreless 😊

    Easy to find you πŸ˜‰

  • We both stand out from the crowd now :)

  • 😎 Like it !!!

  • Hi Lizzy,

    I'm definitely going to enjoy a Kir Royale tonight, to toast to Little Miss Fizz. Such fantastic news, and I can understand you feeling overwhelmed - it is such great news. :-)

    My results for today are:

    Walking and steps total: 10.5 kms.

    Wishing you, Moreless and everyone a great night!

    Lowcal :-)

  • What a great idea Lowcal, I think we should all be raising our glasses to the Fizz family :)

    I knew you'd return with some fantastic K's :)

    Wishing you a great night too! :)

  • Fantastic number, Lowcal, keep going 😊

  • Thanks Elissy, you too! :-)

  • I`'ll raise a glass to welcome Little Miss Fizz.

    6.9km for Thurs

  • Cheers Ruth :)

  • 9.5 miles total for me.

  • Woohoo Steph! :)

  • 8628 steps today. 6.6km

  • Well done Pog :)

  • I will definitely toast little miss Fizz but mines a water with a pinch of lemon. Any waiter is fine.

    7.8ks for me today. Lots of walking -no limp discernible.

    Have a great evening everyone.

  • Slainte Gonti :)

    How fab you've got no limp :)

  • Here's to Little Miss Fizz :-) :-)

  • Slainte Lucca :)

  • I'll drink a toast to to Miss Fizz, 🍻

    So happy for you, bet it's still sinking in that it'll all become reality soon ☺

    8.73 km for me today

  • Cheers Elissy :)

  • How are you feeling today, Moreless ? Hope you're not aching too much!

  • I am achy Elissy, but not as bad as yesterday, thanks :)

  • Glad to hear it, hope the weather predictions for next week stay and you get out for a nice relaxing ( and surprise free) ride 😊 🚲

  • Fingers crossed! Especially for the surprise free bit! :D

  • You'll soon be notching up the steps when the wee one arrives!! Heartfelt congratulations to you both.

    My steps today were 16897, 11.6kms doggie walking.

    Looking forward to the island hopping. Hoping to see Daniel again ahhhh πŸ’‹

  • Woohoo Bu-dog! Great number! :)

  • 2.5km for me today :)

  • Well done Sueper :)

  • Hi 23.24kms for me Thursday. Love kir royale and love to join in raising a glass to Miss Fizz.🍸

  • Cheers Mimsta, you're a super star! :)

  • I walked 7.2km today.

  • Well done Phil :)

  • Raising my cup of tummy tea - three cheers for Lizzy :)

    24.76km cycling today, got my mojo back :)

  • Woohoo Ruth, you certainly have!! :)

    Slainte! :)

  • 5km for me basically back and for in a parent/teacher meeting!! X

  • It's surprising how it adds up Claire :)

  • Mmm enjoying the cocktails- 10.5km walking from me today and 15 km spin off now till Monday off to Rome tomorrow but will take my fit bit wifi at the hotel so you may well hear from me :)

  • Hi Prin,

    Have a wonderful time in Rome! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Sounds lovely, have a great weekend :)

  • Great numbers as usual Prin :)

    Have a fab time in Rome - can't wait to hear all about it :)

  • Have a lovely time in Rome πŸ˜ƒ Bring us back lots of Ks 😊😊

  • Hi lovelies

    What lovely cocktails to drink to Miss Fizz ☺. Congratulations again!

    Today I have clocked up the followING kms:-

    Exercise bike - 10.6 km

    Swimming - 1.25 km

    Steps - 2734

    Hope you've all had a lovely evening.

    Nic ☺

  • Fantastic Nic :)

  • Evening!

    What a lovely evening! Quite keen to spend some time with Robbie but Idris gets all touchy...sigh.

    Wednesday: 5.9km

    Thursday 8.8km - that's more like it!!

    I am now away from tomorrow until Tuesday night. Little holiday break with family to the seaside with very limited mobile connection and no internet...and relax! However this means I will not report my km Friday to Tuesday until Wednesday. Hope this ok.

    Have lovely weekends everyone! πŸ˜€

  • Enjoy the break asics, you've deserved it 😊

  • Enjoy your weekend :)

  • Well done Asics :)

    I hope you have a lovely restful time and come back all re-energised and bouncing with health and vitality :)

    We'll look forward to hearing from you again on wednesday :)

  • 7.4 km walking 9.6km cycling

  • Great numbers, well done 😊

  • Fandabedozy Nussaybah! :)

  • For some reason I don't think my total for Thursday registered properly so ..... 7.6 kms

  • Fantastic 😊

  • Beryl, if you're having problems with the site, please report it to the tech team :)

    Thank you for your K's :)

    No new profile pic? ;)

  • Haven't been successful yet - I get the page to alter wording but no option to change pic - I'll try on my laptop - I've been trying on my iPhone/iPad so fingers crossed.

  • Oh, I only ever use a laptop, so have no idea what happens with other gadgets. Fingers crossed you can get it to work :)

  • 9km on Thursday

  • That's great 😊

  • Wtg arbitdude :)

  • Apologies if I've posted twice, I replied to the other thread but can't seem to see my post. Not surprised you feel overwhelmed Lizzy, you've waited so long, good news can be a shock even though it's wonderful! Moreless, hope your bumps and bruises are easing now πŸ€•πŸ€•

    5915 steps for Thursday β˜€οΈ

  • Well done 😊

    I still encounter difficulties on and off, Lizzy or Moreless will be able to tell you 😊

  • Fran, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful things happening on the site, it's important that you report them to the tech team, if we're ever going to get them to do anything about it :)

    I'm improving daily thank you, but am still quite puzzled by the parts of me that are aching :o

    Thanks for reposting :)

  • 19282 steps or 14.35k plus 5.07k on the bike in the gym. Total: 19.42k

  • Woohoo Lexi! :)

  • 4.79 miles for me Thursday.

  • Well done Angie :)

  • Hi I did 10.2 miles yesterday including my 3.2 mile run. I've got a 5k end of February. Did I post for Wednesday. I did 8.1 to be precise but maybe I posted 8.0 miles. Love Robbie Willian's and could do with that sunshine. Pretty cold again this morning. Bye ....

  • Wow Florence! You're flying! That's fab news about the upcoming 5K, I'll have my pom poms at the ready for you :)

  • 13.6kms for me Thursday, rather chuffed with that :-)

  • Woohoo lynalla, I'm feeling chuffed for you too! WTG you! :)

  • Just the usual 2kms for me.

  • Well done qd :)


    I went to bed early last night and posted our kms, replied and liked my way through the Thursday thread only to find no trace this morning!

    I have had a real job just typing this up :/

    My kms for Thurs 5.1, Ed's 15.5 steps and dog walking.

  • Please report all these irritating faults to the tech team Kate, otherwise we'll never see the back of them.

    Well done both of you :)

  • Hi. 2.2k for Thursday.

  • Well done Mrscaw :)

  • Morning All

    A change in my circumstances yesterday meant that it turned into a rest day so only 3.4 km to record. Today is an unexpected day off work so should be more km to record for Friday.

  • Rest days are the best mrsg :) Looking forward to seeing what today brings. Hope you've got better weather than me :)

  • Hello All,

    Yesterday (Thursday) a very poor 0.5 km's from me. In terrible pain so I rested all day !!

  • Veganista, it's very important to rest when you're in pain, I hope you feel much better very soon :)

  • Thankyou moreless. Have a great day 😊

  • Just to add some humour.. I've been worrying about the possible side effects of taking steroids to the point of distraction! Just had a shower and got into bed with a cuppa and started feeling odd - like my skin was moving in waves on my tummy (bit like when I jog ;) )

    Laid feeling paralysed to the spot for a while then realised my dog had her paw stuck under the covers - neurotic? Moi? :D

  • LOL Kate! :D

  • Morning,

    Thursday's figures are 3.66km walking and 12km cycling total 15.66km.

  • Fantastic kars! :)

  • Hi

    Had a rough day yesterday. Very busy clinic at work with angry patients and missing stock etc. Then got a call in my 10 min lunch break that my father-in-law has collapsed in Asda, possible heart attack (turned out to be irregular heart beat combined with extremely low blood sugar, he's fine now) Then just after the school rang and said I have to come collect my youngest as he had diarrhoea. I was of course at work an hour away so had to ring granddad for him to collect him. Got back from work about 7.30 pm and was absolutely knackered by the time everyone had been fed and sent to bed I passed out on the sofa.

    So in total my fitbit only counted 3.3 km.

  • Oh my gosh Carpo, that was the day from hell! I hope things have been a lot better today.

  • Hi Carpo - did you clock up any kms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

  • Hi Liz, I did, not a lot, but I will get it to you tonight. It has been a hectic week. sorry

  • 4.4km today

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