Around the world in 80 days - Please post steps/kms/miles for Monday 8 February (Part 2) and weekly stats revealed

Around the world in 80 days - Please post steps/kms/miles for Monday 8 February (Part 2) and weekly stats revealed

Dear Travellers,

Ooh I love this steamer and the wonderful sommeliers and cocktail makers on board! I especially love that the steamer is permanently in a sunshine bubble with a warm breeze and calm seas. The Kamachatka Pennisula and its volcanoes and ski slopes just made our voyage all the more worthwhile. If we haven't clocked as many kms as we did, we would have spent today playing bridge on the deck and having no idea how extraordinary our world really is.

Sorry I am posting this so late. Was waiting for some lost travellers to check-in their weekend stats. But we are nearly there with our targets, just need a few more kms for Sunday.

Okay here is Idris with the scores for last week. If you don't see your name, please do not think your numbers are not good enough. This is your journey and the fact you are here on Day 45 is proof that you are amazing. We are on this special journey together and we wouldn't want it any other way.

If you would like your stats, please let me know. My daily average stats for last week was 8.58 - an improvement of 2kms compared to last week. I am so pleased that all my hard work has paid off.

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 10-12 kms;

> Grandad 10.02

> Lucca 10.29

> Keep on Going 10.89

> Nussybah 10.91

> Lowcal 11.01

> Florence 11.15

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 12-15 kms;

> Mimsta 12.95

> Darrenchef 13.47

> Kars1111 13.77

> JayseeSkinny 13.82

> Geza 14.17

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 15-20 kms;

> Lottolose 16.20

> Moreless 17.5

Travellers clocking up (daily average over Monday-Sunday) 20-33 kms;

> Gonti 20.7

> Lexi 21.20

> Prin 23.41

> Veronicaby 23.46

> Jog-on 32.15

A big pat on the back for all of the travellers

Happy Travels everyone :) :)


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49 Replies

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  • was sick for past few days...starting slowly 4.91km

  • Well done Paja, hope you're feeling much better :)

  • Wow Liz, those stats are fantastic! I'm gobsmacked! The numbers are just getting higher and higher! Thanks so much for all the effort you're putting into this challenge and really making sure that we are definitely experiencing a trip of a lifetime :)

    This is truly a special journey :)

  • monday 11077 steps

  • Fantastic prettylady! :)

  • Hi Lizzy,

    Thanks so much for all the work that you and Moreless do to create these wonderful weekly stats, it's really motivating to see the results, and I think everyone is doing brilliantly. Really inspiring.

    I love the beautiful photos and pictures you share, and all the Adventures you describe that transport us into a virtual world of potentials. Really good fun!

    Looking forward to further adventures, and thanks again for all your hard work - you and Moreless do a great job!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for the thanks Lowcal :)

    Liz is doing an awesome job and her imagination knows no bounds. Every day is a real adventure and something to really look forward too. She's managed to get me off my butt too, which is no mean feat! ;) :D

    PS Sorry Lowcal, I forgot to congratulate you for getting your name in lights! :)

  • Hello All πŸ˜ƒ

    A bit low on the km's Monday - just 1.2 km , but I have started to sort through "The Cupboard" you know the cupboard I'm on about, the dreaded cupboard that we've all got where we chuck things in and then forget about them.

    I so far managed to sort 2 boxes for charity shop and 1 for the dump, and there's still loads more in there!! I'm happy with what I've achieved today πŸ˜ƒ

  • Wow veganista, you're really cracking on with the sorting out and packing, well done you! :)

    Just between you and me, every one of my cupboards is like that! :o

  • (Ssh don't tell anyone that I'm beginning to realise that my whole flat is a dreaded cupboard ) oh my however have I collected so much stuff?? I've only been living here since 2011 and I had a massive clear out when I moved here!! Thank goodness it's only me living here.

    Not doing any packing today, I've been out with my mum and dad. My body is screaming with pain so I'm resting until tomorrow..Zzz

  • I am the world's worst hoarder! In our garage, we have crates that were packed and went into storage at the end of 1982! They've never been unpacked since, just moved to different houses! I should be on one of those TV programmes! :o

    Good idea to have a break, especially when you're so sore.

  • Oh gosh that is impressive!! πŸ˜ƒ

  • 6.27 kms for Monday.

  • Well done Don :)

  • 5.5 Kms for me yesterday, still not able to do couch to 5k thanks to Imogen. Hopefully things will be calm enough for me to run tonight.

  • These storms have a lot to answer for lynalla! Still great K's though :)

  • Oh no - did I not make my 10k daily average ?! Thought I'd made it with my epic on Sunday :-(

  • Oops got you and Mr Lucca muddled up :O Had put him down for 20k and you for 9.9. Now swapped over and you do have your name in lights. Thread now edited - please accept my sincere apologies :D :D :D

  • Ha Ha ! Mr L do 20k - don't make me chuckle !! :-D

    Thanks Lizzy - my 70k per week is my target at the moment - although I suspect for the next couple of weeks I might not reach there due to life getting in the way ! :-)

  • Well done for getting your name in lights Lucca :)

  • Well, you know that saying - simple things... ;-)

  • Wow! Some fab numbers there :)

    My kms for Monday are 5.1 all in my germ riddled darkened cave of misery (fed up of being ill now!!) Ed did 47k - 10.5 daily steps and boxercise, 28.5 spinning, 5 cross training, and 3 rowing (think he took my dadbod joke to heart ;) )

  • Aww Kate! I really do feel for you. I know that miserable place :(

    Ed has really taken the dadbod joke to heart, but it got him to the top of the leader board! WTG Ed!! :o :D

  • Steps for yesterday were 6,263 and Sunday was 5,824. Sorry I'm late but I couldn't use reply yesterday. Loving exploring the boat!!

  • Thanks Sopmarfree :) Did you report the fault to the tech team?

  • No, moreless. I don't know how to. πŸ˜•

  • At the top middle of your screen and to the right of the notification bell, it says help. Click on that and follow the instructions. Don't be sidetracked by the guff, just send an email, giving as many details of the fault as possible.

    They will come back to you asking for a screen shot of when the fault happens and advising you to use Google Chrome. It seems to be the standard response.

    It's important that they realise the scale of the problems that we're having to deal with.

  • Ok, I'll try that but a screen shot might be difficult as I don't get an error message, just nothing happenning when I press reply. I'll email the tonight while I'm in work. Thanks for explaining 😊

  • I told them exactly the same thing when I reported all my problems.

    Oh I forgot, they'll ask for the URL too :)

  • Where do I find that?? 😡

  • That's the bit at the top of your screen that says etc

    Just copy and paste it onto your email :)

  • Thank you so much for your help and patience!! What would we do without you to explain things and covert our steps etc, not to mention the wonderful pics and travelogue that keeps us going πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ A very big thank you from me.

  • My pleasure Sopmarfree, we all need to learn and others have been patient teaching me. One day it'll be your turn to help someone else. That's the way this forum works :)

    Liz is the one that does all the clever stuff and makes this whole trip a huge adventure :)

  • 3.34 miles for Monday.

  • Thanks Angie and for Sunday?

  • Sorry didn't realise I had not put in Sunday's times. It was 3 miles.

  • Well done Angie :)

  • Seen the ships Doc I will be on the sick list for next couple of weeks,that will learn me.

    But when I get the bike back out I'll be catching up, I'm doing London 2 Brighton again this year so can't spend to long on sun deck.

    Good luck everybody.

  • Oh dear Grandad! Just let us know when you're back in action, but don't do too much too soon :)

    Ooh London to Brighton! WTG you! Maybe there will be some travellers en route to cheer you on :)

    Well done for getting your name in lights :)

  • Morning all,

    Thanks for doing the stats for us all it sure is inspiring. My figures for monday are 4.70km walking and 7.02km cycling so total 11.72km 😊

  • Your stats are really inspiring kars! WTG you! :)

    Another great total :)

  • Mine arent as inspiring as yours though πŸ˜‰

  • Everybody's are equally inspiring, because we've all done the very best that we could and that's what makes each and every total so special :)

  • Just 1.9k for Monday. Docs am with poorly daughter and pm with Mum.

    OH there this morning. Thank goodness for the NHS this week!

  • Oh my word Mrscaw! That's a bit grim! Has everyone got this horrible virus that's doing the rounds?! :(

    Well done for managing to clock up any K's! :)

  • Daughter has the bug and throat infection. :(

  • Oh dear, that's not good. I hope she feels much better, very soon.

  • What? My name is still on there? Lol. I had to check the date I genuinely thought I was on last week's thread!! Yoohoo! I feel so childish right now for celebrating but I'm soooo happy haha!!!

    Yesterday Monday 8 February :

    3.3 walking and 7.2 cycling

  • So you should be Nussaybah, it's a fantastic achievement! WTG you! :)

    Still clocking up great K's. You'll have your name in lights every week at this rate! :)

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