Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 3 February (Part 1)

Around the world in 80 days - please post kms/steps/miles for Wednesday 3 February (Part 1)

Dear Travellers

We are halfway through our around the world challenge. And we are doing so great and having so much fun, which is what it's all about :D :D

This morning we have arrived in Beijing and we are going to see the sunrise over the Great Wall of China.

Yesterday I clocked up 7.82kms. More marching on the spot, this time in the kitchen waiting for the kettle boil :D :D

Happy travels everyone 😊😊😊😊


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90 Replies

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  • Phew, you are obviously a morning person! I got up, fed the cats, made a cup of tea and came back to bed. I reckon I have 10 mins with my book before I have to get up for work. Have a great day 😎

  • I've always wanted to visit - I just never got there :)

    6 km's.

  • Same here πŸ˜ƒ


  • We'll all have to make do with a virtual visit Dave - it's much cheaper :)

    Great K's :)

  • Wow, another fantastic sight on our travels. I think I'll copy your marching on the spot idea to boost my km total, it sounds like a good plan.

  • Five days of ks to report in hunny, usual hassle getting onto site. So from last Friday, Fri 10k, Sat 6.5k, Sun 6.5k, Mon 8k, Tue 18k. Yet to do todays, not sure what will be achieved as about to start a 'bakethon' for banana cake orders, plus a couple of lemon cakes and scones. Also a mountain of pikelets to do. In work tonight, but somewhere inbetween I will be walking the dog - for how far is the million dollar question. 😊

  • Great to see you again Shellie :) Those are some fantastic K's! :)

    Shellie's bakeathon sounds absolutely deeelishus!! :)

  • You have just made a dream come true, I've always wanted to visit China, and here I am . How wonderful to see it with you allπŸ˜ƒ


  • I was thinking the same thing myself Flossie, let's all walk the wall together and clock up some serious K's :)

  • Sounds good to me and if I win lotto we'll actually go !! πŸ˜ƒ


  • That sounds even better! :D

  • Ooh do we get to see pandas???

    4km today

  • Anything's possible MR :)

  • Pandas on the moon wearing roller skates? Oh and pink tutu's? Oh and drinking long island ice tea through a straw with one of those irritating umbrellas in it (who designed those anyway and why?) ?

    Sign me up!

  • All of the above! Probably designed by someone who'd had one too many long island iced teas! :D

    Signed, sealed and delivered! Welcome aboard! :)

  • Hi I am afraid it will be 0 again for me today. 😷😷😷😷

  • No probs Aqua, thanks for letting us know :)

  • Crumbs Liz, if you can clock up that many K's waiting for the kettle to boil, you either need a new kettle, or we'll be seeing you compete in Rio this year! :D

    My totals today are:

    Cycling - 17.28

    Rowing - 0.22

    Total - 17.5K's :)

  • Really great Kms Moreless.

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • You are racking up some brilliant kms moreless, well done :-) very impressive hun x

  • Thanks T1 :)

  • Well done clocking up 7.82kms Lizzy :-)

    As I am out of action and only managed steps to work from the car park and back so I have done 1.6 kms walking today :-)

  • Oh Traff,

    Hope nothing serious !! You've not fell off those Gorgous shoes ??


  • No floss just over done things :-) hope to get back to it real soon though. I did try to run before, but the pain is too bad so I'm in bed resting

  • Take it easy honey, you've got your big day just around the corner xx


  • I will hun and thank you x

  • All K's are good K's T1, just you take it easy :)

  • Sorry only clocked up 1127 steps. Clever me forgot my pedometer most of the day. Well tomorrow I better remember.

  • Not again bd! What are you like?? ;) :D

  • You made me smile! It sounds like I am a scatterbrain! :) Tonight I will try very hard to leave it near my glasses than I will definitely remember as I can't go anywhere without my glasses. Than I will get back into your good books again! :)

  • Brilliant idea, but you're always in my good books bd :)

  • You are not meant to say that! :) I just said that to motivate me to put it and get on with more walking as so far the pounds are disappearing!

  • In that case bd, if you forget to put it on tomorrow, I'm going to strike you off my christmas card list! ;)

  • Hi Lizzy, Moreless & Everyone,

    My total for today (Wednesday) is 2.6 kms of walking.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Lowcal :)

  • Hi Lizzy - 5000 for me today.

  • Good job Runningsoon :)

    Did you post yesterday's K's? :)

  • Ah - probably not. 4000 yesterday. xx

  • Thank you :)

  • :-) we are certainly shifting along - 4.25 k for me today

  • You're doing well Suz :)

  • Hi FizzyLiz I had 9.76km for Tuesday :)

  • Nice number keep-on, anything for today? :)

  • 8.2km so far today

  • Ooh, that sounds promising, do you intend doing more? :)

  • Didn't do much more, total was 8.92km.

  • Just perfect! :)

  • Today's total is...11,164 steps. I love my fitbit.

  • I love your fitbit too Saga! :D

  • Today's total is 12.4 k. Feeling good and wanted to do more, but the tour guide on The Great Wall was just so interesting I had to stop and listen. Amazing views and such a fantastic country. Ate chickens feet for lunch. Looking forward to a hot pot tonight.

  • Sounds like China's the place for you JC :)

  • Would love to go there. So far only seen the inside of Shanghai airport. But it's definitely on the list!

  • One day :)

  • Today I managed 8.5k - 3.5 of them fast ones. Time for a sit down I think : )

  • Wtg you Garfield! :)

  • 8358 steps so far today wed I will find tue steps now

  • 14529 for tue. seems a lot of steps so not sure fitbit armband is working properly but I did go dancing in the afternoon!!

  • I'm loving that fitbit! :D You must have put Fred and Ginger to shame ;)

  • Evening All, The Great Wall is very impressive. My kms for today 3rd Feb 5.65. Hope some missing travellers have been found.

  • Not many I'm afraid Marianne, but I'm still looking :)

    Great K's :)

  • Thanks moreless, ill keep on looking also.

  • Thanks Marianne, I need all the help I can get! :)

  • 8.5 kms for today πŸ˜‡

  • Well done Flossie, are those anti-biotics working yet? :)

  • Unfortunately no, saw GP last night so more tests ! So co time ploding on πŸ˜•


  • Oh heck Flossie, that's not good! :(

    Let's hope the doc sorts it out soon. In the meantime, just take very good care of yourself, because you're very special to us and we'd like to see you back to fighting fitness :)

  • Hi moreless,

    Thanks for your kind words {{{{hug}}}}

    I'm hanging on in,the challange is really helping to push me out with the dog, it's a balance of just doing the right amount!!

    I'll get there it's an awful virus as others are testament to, roll on Spring πŸ’


  • It's scary how many people have been struck down by it and just how much it's affected you all. I feel very fortunate to have escaped far! :o

    You just do what you can do, without pushing things too far and we'll send healing vibes :)

  • Can feel them all the way to Newcastle πŸ˜ƒ


  • Well I love a round number, after my "speed" training with dh this evening I realised I was on 23,500 steps so he kindly dropped me off at the roundabout so I could make 25,000 and get a wee Fitbit badge, however when I got home I realised it was 19.85km and I know Lizzie has already told me she doesn't round up, so I have just done a bit of jogging on the landing to get it to 20kms so now I can post, breathes sigh of relief πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Hahahahaha Prin! By the time this challenge is over, I can see that there;s going to be a lot of worn patches in carpets! :D

    Loving that beautiful round number, it's very worthy of a badge :)

  • Well done everyone, we are rockin this world tour!

    Today I managed 16.12kms and I am pooped.

  • Woohoo LtL, I'm not surprised you're pooped!! :)

  • Whoop 7.7km for me today all walking/running x finally got to the gym!! X

  • Woohoo Claire! WTG you! :)

  • Hi all, not been on for a bit, but just been reading through your posts and it looks like you have all been doing a fab job!! If you still want them my km for yesterday were 3.48

  • Jude, we'd love to have you back and your K's for yesterday are very welcome. Do you have any for today? :)

  • Hi yes today is 3.68km

  • Fantastic! See you tomorrow! :)

  • 10.5km todat

  • Super dooper K_o_g! :)

  • Liz is it really awkward that one minute i'm doing miles and the next its km?

    Only some days at the gym the stick insect people are running on "my treadmill" (how dare they!) and that means i have to use a different machine and they all vary between miles and km.

  • It makes no difference at all MR, Lizzy's a maths whiz kid :D

  • So the stick insect people get to live another day ; )

  • Oh, I wouldn't go that far! :D

  • Not my best day - 6.5km. Shame I could have walked for miles on that great big wall!

  • I feel the same about the wall henlady :)

    Your K's are just fine :)

  • 4.4km for me today, back to work tomorrow hopefully :)

  • Well done RAF_girl, that's a good sign :)

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