Around the World in 80 Days - Please post your kms/miles/steps for Tuesday 19 January

Around the World in 80 Days - Please post your kms/miles/steps for Tuesday 19 January

Dear Travellers,

I thought you may be interested in our route and where we are heading next. As you see from the map, this leg of the journey to Hong Kong takes us through and near to SE Asia countries including Thailand and the Philippines. I hope everyone has packed at least two sets of swimwear!

We are now on Day 25. Yesterday we have already exceeded our daily target of 501 kms. With travellers still to check in, we are now at 577kms. I'll say it again, we are amazing and you are amazing. Together we can achieve so much.

After all of the excitement of tiger safaris and elephant rides and Bollywood dancing, this is our rest day. Time to recharge our batteries by relaxing on the sun loungers, taking a dip in the pool and having a few pampering sessions. Tonight there will be a Jazz band playing some funky music and the cocktail bar is once again serving your favourite cocktails.

I haven't quite got home yet so no kms recorded for me. How did everyone else do?

Happy Travels :) :)


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201 Replies

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  • University day for me. I don't have a step counter. So 0 fir me today.

  • Thanks for letting us know Aqua :)

  • Hi Lizzy, looking forward the lounging and pampering, especially after the Elephant ride. Is it Trad Jazz, thats my favourite. My kms for 19th are 6.67. Look forward to seeing on the dance floor.

  • Great number Marianne :)

  • Thank you moreless

  • Oooh, swimming in the Philippines and Thailand sound fabulous and I can hardly wait to get to Hong Kong, these are places I have always wanted to visit!

    Today, I worked out extra hard because I have a difficult day tomorrow and may not get many Kms in.

    I did 17.66kms - my best ever so far!

  • Woohoo LtL, that's splendiferous!! :)

  • I needed a banana break half-way through!

  • 17.66 kms is just brilliant :-)

  • Thanks so much - I am quite chuffed with that, I must say!

  • wow x

  • Swimwear!! Not the saggy chlorine bleached horror in my bottom drawer - someone please lend me a sarong! 21500 steps today so far, lovely walk in the sunshine and frost β˜€οΈ

  • Forget it Fran, skinny dipping's the way to go ;)

    Wow! That's a lot of steps! :)

  • Ooh moreless !! 😱


  • Skinny dipping it is then - here are all your blindfolds! β˜€οΈ

  • Not just yet!!

  • Lol πŸ‘™, will this do !! πŸ˜ƒ


  • Lol Flossie that bikini looks like a little pink smiley face, think I might need a bit more coverage! β˜€οΈ

  • Hi Fran. I have two so you can borrow one of mine. A nice bright green sarong is on your lounger waiting for you 😊😊

  • Thank you kindly πŸ˜€πŸ˜€β˜€οΈ

  • Hi all :)

    I'm loving the map Lizzy and am absolutely blown away by what we've achieved! We are awesome! Phileas Fogg had nothing on us! :)

    Today I've managed to clock up my K's early and my total is 17.28 :)

    I can't wait to see what everyone else has achieved :)

  • Wowzer, you are doing so well, Moreless! That bike was a great investment. :)

  • Thanks LtL, it certainly was and I'm so glad I got the stand for it too :)

  • Fantastic numbers as always πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸΉπŸΉπŸΈπŸΈ

  • Thanks Lizzy :)

  • Well done moreless with 17.28 k's today now that's MASSIVE !!!

    I'm blown away by what we have achieved and it's amazing how involved we all are. It's just great!

    T1 x

  • At this rate, we'll be walking/cycling/running/rowing/dancing all the way to the moon!! :D

  • That's an impressive number of kms Moreless! Hope you're all endorphined up from all that pedalling. I get a lot out of my system pedalling hard on my way home (all the harder when it's as freezing as it was today!) :)

  • I definitely feel the endorphins more when I'm outside Ruth, it doesn't have quite the same effect indoors :)

  • That s fantastic was it on the bike

  • 1.25km dog walking, 2.25 km running.

  • Good stuff Concerned :)

  • 5.58 mile - you'll have to convert.

    Hula hooping is going SO well! I'm keeping it up for ages. πŸ˜€

  • That's 8.93K's K-o-g! Wtg you! :)

    Shurrup about the hula hoop! I still can't get mine started! :P

  • Flat batteries? ;) x

  • No, Fat Booty! :D

  • Nor me!! What's the trick?? 😭😭

  • 8.24 k for me today friends 😊

  • Good going Beryl :)

  • Hi, and late for yesterday 😞

    6.8 km Monday, 13 km for today 😊

    Enjoying the jazz and the cocktail 🍸

  • Tut, tut, Elissy, good job your numbers are always worth waiting for! :D

    Yep! I'm going for a bucket full of cocktail today! :)

  • Phew so glad to see you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • 9.2 km for Tuesday. Better than I thought it would be. There's some huge distances being covered out there by some team members!

  • Great number JaySee! :)

  • There are some big hitters but not every day produces the same result. We need every traveller to check-in/post kms every single day because every single km counts.

    And your number is great πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • 4.5 km for me today. Took my 12 year old for first gym session so more testing machines than exercising! Hope she'll keep at it and I can up my kms x

  • Wow, like mother like daughter! Maybe she'd like to join us on our trip :D

  • Oh yes please she'd love it thanks x I'll post the days she comes with me with mine if that's ok x

  • What's her name? I'll create a row for her on my spreadsheet πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks Lizzy its Maia x not sure how many she'll do as got eisteddfod coming up and having to prepare for that but hopefully it'll encourage her like it has me x

  • 8:4km :)

  • Great number Cazmaz :)

  • Hi Tuesday total 9.03 kms. Make mine a G&T.

  • Ooh, nice one :)

    You're not a cocktail lover then Mimsta :)

  • MMMMmmmm g&t is a highball cocktail. Prefer Sipsmith and Fever tree low calorie tonic, lots of ice, wedge of lime mmmMMM but haven't had one since starting the 12week plan. I'm saving myself for the end of week 12! 🍸🍸🀐

  • 19.16kms of cycling today, and can I have extra points for below freezing temperatures please. My toes and fingers were unhappy! The map is amazing Lizzy, can't believe how far we've come. I think it's probably a good point for me to look into taking swimming lessons...

  • It is pretty chilly when you're whizzing around, isn't it Ruth? Not that I'm an expert, only having been outside twice on my bike. so far :D

    Both my kids learnt to swim in HK Ruth, so maybe that's the perfect place for us to teach you :)

    That's a humungous number of K's you've clocked today! :D

  • I'm not kidding though - I am seriously considering learning to swim. There's a possibility of a trip to Greece in the summer (I haven't been abroad for several years so this is big news in my world) - I'm thinking if we're going to be on an island then maybe it would just be rude not to go in the water a bit :)

  • I'm a really weak swimmer :/ would love to be better but would need a private empty pool and an instructor with poor eyesight! Jog-on keeps threatening to do a triathlon but he's not a great swimmer either.. (And resembles a dark furred yeti) so we'd need the same instructor ;)

  • I need the poor eyesight too - I'm terrified of wearing only a swimming costume. But it feels like a hurdle I need to cross so I think it needs to be done at some point - that and wearing shorts - showing my bare glowing milky white legs that have never ever seen the sun! :)

  • I have brand new swimming costumes in sizes 16, 18 and 20 and have never plucked up the courage to wear any of them! :)

  • Get em sent to charity woman - you'll be rocking a size 10 by the end of your weight loss journey :) x

  • LOL! I wasn't a t 10 at age 10! :D

  • I have the rest of the sizes 18, 16, 14, 12 sorry no 10 so we should be able to cater for all those who have 'forgotton' them otherwise they will have to wear birthday suits!

  • It's never to late to learn and sea water is much more buoyant than fresh water. It'll be lovely and warm in Greece too. In fact, it'll be so warm, you'll be glad of the opportunity for a dip :)

  • Mmmm.... warmth... can't remember what that's like!

  • I think this is another amazing post :-) I remember Ruth a while ago suggesting rowing to you, and you said that you couldn't swim weren't confident about getting in a swimming costume ! I think it's fab how much people's attitudes and confidence change during a weight loss journey :-)

  • Think I posted on yesterday's - anyhoo did 2.5 km today

    Ps echo Ruth comments -brill map - really keeps things interesting with new pics

  • Ssh, don't tell anyone Suzy, we might get away with counting them twice then ;)

  • everyone - if I had known there were going to be cocktails every night I would not have given up drinking for twelve months!!

    My total today 13.97km. I am thrilled to report that most of that was actual walking - my first proper walk for 11 and a half months. Hooray for the NHS physios!

    Stay warm and cosy eeveryone

  • WOOHOO! Oh Gonti, that's the best news yet!! I'm absolutely delighted for you! :) :) :)

  • Great number!

  • There is a special line in non-alcoholic ones on this trip

  • Hello! 3000 for me today.

  • Well done Runningsoon :)

  • I did 4Kms today, 2 days walking!!!

  • Woohoo Britdiane :)

  • Hi,

    I had a day of rest yesterday :) 2.6 km for me today :D

  • How jolly sensible Sueper :)

  • 10.4k today that included a nice 6k run at 6:30 this morning. Taking advantage of the cool air before we get the oppressive heat and humidity that day time brings. (I wish)

  • Isn't imagination a wonderful thing Daddio? :D

    Fabby number :)

  • It sure is moreless. What would we do without it.

  • How good does that map look !! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Today I have clocked ..... 14.1 km , my best yet !! Loving it πŸ˜ƒ

    Bring on the cocktails !🍹🍸


  • Woohoo Flossie! Can you hear the fanfare? :)

    PS Are you still getting glitches on the site Flossie, because for some reason, today it seems to have gone crackers for me! :o

  • Well I'm clocking in at 9.27kms today and guess what, my new pedometer arrived in time for my afternoon doggie walk and it appears to be similar to my pacer in accuracy. I can't wait to try it out properly tomorrow. I won't be joining you for cocktails as I'm trying to be good but will enjoy the jazz band. Bring in on!

  • Lucky you Bu-dog, pedometers and I just don't see eye to eye! :(

    Mine would have read 0 instead of 9.27K's until I got into the car and then it would have started to work! :D

    Great number :)

  • 7 for me today. All monitored on my new Fitbit. Bye bye pedometer.

  • Ooooooooooo! Get you, Ms Swanky! ;)

  • 6.8k for me today. Whilst carpet cleaning and teaching little ones, I was visualising the sun loungers with an iced fruity cocktail in hand...bliss!

  • Great number Phil :)

    Not surprised you needed a nice fantasy rather than concentrating on cleaning carpets! :o

  • Hello happy travelers :-) we are enjoying this brilliant challenge put on by the lovely Lizzy arn't we and once again I must say a big thank you for setting this up, it's keeping me on my toes :-) literally!

    Today I have walked 5.7 kms and run 8 kms and now I'm shattered. I'm resting my legs in the comfort of my bed right now and loving it. Well deserved rest over here :-)

  • Good movie on ITV4 just for you at 10:00pm...

  • You've got me very curious Gonti, I shall have to go and look that up! :)

  • I'm not at all surprised that you're shattered T1, it looks as if the training's going well. By the time you get to that half marathon, it'll be a walk in the park! :)

  • hi Lizzy can anyone join because i'm losing weight and if i can i've missed the airplane can i catch up on next flight Alan

  • We'd love you to join us Alan :)

    Have you clocked up any kilometres for today?

  • hi there just to let you know i'm disabled with osteoarthritis so my miles won't be very far, but its getting my weight of today i've done 0.28 of a mile many thanks Alan

  • Woop! Every little counts - happy to contribute some of my less painful cycling kms towards your hard won walking with your osteoarthritis. Happy travels bigalan :)

  • hi Ruth may i say thank you and just to let you know its been a bad day, so on a good day and weather is ok i do more than that but like you say every little counts, i used to walk miles when i was fitter and used to do a lot of running but those days are over i sorry. but thank you for letting me join Alan xx

  • Every little helps and well done you!!

  • hi B-dog like i've just said to Ruth_canal i've got osteoarthritis in my spine, hips, and knees and today is a bad day for pain, when i was younger than i am now i used to run and walk for miles and enjoyed every minute. but sadly illness have got hold now and i'm lucky if i get out for a walk. so many thanks take care see what i can do tomorrow. Alan

  • Well done Alan :)

  • thank you Alan

  • I've booked you on tomorrow's flight first class to Burma. From there you'll get a boat to our steamer. You're guaranteed to have a fun time πŸ˜ƒπŸΈπŸ˜ƒπŸΉπŸ˜ƒ

  • hi Lizzy thank you just one question what times the flight leave and what airport do i need to be at for the flight, i can drive myself there, many thanks Lizzy so glad i'm a member now take care Alan xx

  • Welcome bigalan, from one struggled to another! I am also disabled but have managed to work my way up to around 5k on a good day .... often by just walking around the house in circles but those bad days are hard. You'll enjoy the sun with us and everyone is so lovely that you'll soon feel right at home 😊😊

  • hi there i try my best at how much i can walk, i have osteoarthritis in my spine, hips, and knees. my knees at the moment at very sore because of the damaged that has been caused through spending 14 years working down the coal mines and my last ten years of work from 1999 to 2009 i was an HGV driver and with keep jumping out of my lorry that's what has caused the most damaged because by then i weighed nearly 28 stone, but my i'm down to 21 stone 10 lb, its helping the pressure on my knees but to late damage already done, so i do what i can, i have a pedometer to count how many steps i do each day and i record them to see what type of day i've had. its nice to been with this group because it gives me joy everyday when i read about what people have done, so thank you very much Alan

  • Lovely to see you on board hun πŸ˜€ xx

  • hi Anita wow its lovely to hear from you, how your doing, its seams a long time since we last spoke or is my memory getting that bad that we have spoken but i'm not remembering, anyway which ever way it is its great speak to you. my mileage might be down today i'm have a day, i just feel tired all the time, i just can't understand what's happening. anyway take care my wonderful friend big hug to you from your friend always Alan xx

  • A day at the computer for me today so I did some vigorous stepping for just over 30mins this evening.

    5.1km for me. 😊

  • Wow! That worked well asics! Would you have thought to do that before the challenge? :)

  • Nope not a chance moreless! I would have sat a bit longer on my botty just in a more reclined position!

    Nor would I have the night before such a day, gone all out to up my steps in advance!

    Over the last 2 days I have therefore done 22,400 steps, 2600 more than the same days last week when I wasn't behind a desk at all!

    This challenge has me all fired up! 😊

  • It's fab isn't it! To think we are literally circumnavigating the globe, using Shanks's Pony!! It's mind boggling! :)

  • Hi Everyone

    Lizzy I love the map it's really fun to see where we would be. Fascinating.

    Today I have done 7.3kms. I am really impressed by all those who do so much! You might need to call this trip around the globe in 60 days soon!!

    Good night everyone!

  • You may be right Nussaybah! :)

    You've got a great number too! :)

  • Hi Lizzie and fellow travellers! Well done to everyone - aren't we doing well!,, Wow I am really in need of a lot of pampering, sunshine and swimming sound great... I'll dream of these instead of freezing cold and working!

    I managed 8.9km most of which was after dark and the ground was already frozen... And by the time the dogs were walked and fed it was 7.20 and I didn't feel up to a run as well. So what with that and eating quite a lot today it's a big Oops! From me - sweet dreams everyone!

  • 8.9K's sounds like plenty to me rainshine :)

  • Hi everyone

    Today's kms

    Exercise bike - 7.6 k

    Steps - 2170

    Nic ☺

  • Well done Nic :)

  • 2 work projects going wrong (with one that should have been released yesterday postponed to tomorrow)... 2km (and thank God I could do that!)

  • One of those days diadhuit :)

  • 4km for me today

  • Good going RAF_girl :)

  • 11.75 miles today. Tuesday is my big walk day with my 79 year old chum. It was sunny and icy with lovely clear blue sky. Walked for 3 hours across Exmoor. Bliss. I'm retired now that's why I have the time. A dip in the pool just what I need.

  • That's 18.8K's Florence!!! Oh my word! You 2 are bloomin' marvels!!! :)

    You hop in the pool, I'll bring you a cocktail. You deserve it! :)

  • 7.9 km for me (19th)

    2 of those on a bike, big achievement as I have not been on a bike since I was 12. Cant say I enjoyed it; obviously not my kind of exercise; but going to persevere as it is using different muscle groups than I usually use with the walking.

    Trying other types of exercise so going to try a light jog on the treadmill at the gym on Friday; perhaps I might even attempt the C5k; who knows the thought is there now to put it in practice.....

    Looking forward to our swimming have bought a new costume for the occassion :)


  • I thought I'd never get used to cycling Ruth, it was really hard going to start with, but I persevered and did a little more every week and can now manage 20K's, if I push it. I've still to try a jog - I'm afraid I'll get a speed wobble on! :D

    Is it an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini? ;)

    Great number, btw :D

  • I honestly don't know but it must be at least 6 kms :)

  • LOL Dave, you crack me up :D

  • 3015 steps

  • Well done pretty lady :)

  • Only 2km to register for Tuesday 19th. I am much improved and feeling a lot better but still not 100%. I think it's mostly being in a 'flat' mood that's my problem now...I'll pick up again soon. :)

  • There's no "only" qd, all K's are good K's:)

    Glad to hear that you're feeling a lot better and hope you'll pick up even more very soon :)

  • 12.7 Kms for me yesterday.....will be away Monday to Friday next week. It may be that I can post but not sure how good the Internet connection will be.

  • Great number lynalla! :)

    Thanks for letting us know, at least if you're not able to post, we'll know where you are :)

  • 4.63 kms for me..

  • Well done Don - I just love typing that, it rolls off the keyboard as nicely as it does off the tongue :)

  • Kicking off with a modest 3kms for Tuesday :-)

  • All K's are good K's John, so well done you :)

  • 2.3km for me for Monday

  • Thank you Jude :)

  • Well an eventful day and not in a good way. Went off for first walk of day and slipped on black ice and went right over. Adrenaline kicked in and initially felt ok but as day went on, ankle, knee and hip on left side started to ache. Started on the ibuprofen to reduce any swelling. For me having slipped on the ice a number of years ago resulting in a broken spine the slip yesterday brought it all back and have felt very tearful since. Dont want this one slip to deter me going forward. Any way total for yesterday 9.17km but will have to see how today goes in terms of kms as not sure how leg will be.πŸ˜•

  • OMG Determined! I am so sorry you've had this happen to you again! How horrible to have that terrible deja vu experience too.

    I'd like you to visualise us all with you, the next time you venture out, holding your hands and supporting you. We'll keep you safe and able to continue on, with confidence :)

    That's a fab number, but don't feel you need to push yourself, just take things easy and go at the pace you feel comfortable with.

    Sending you virtual hugs :)

  • Thank you for your lovely message of support. Have just managed a 6km walk with hubby so feeling ok.

  • I managed 6.65kms - very happy with that number 😊😊

  • So you should Lizzy, it a fabby number! :)

  • Day two of my travels. Did all my kms on my feet

    Jogged 4kms on treadmill

    Crosstrained 2kms on the weird machine

    6kms for me and machines said 550 calories burned, But it was the distance I was focussing on so kept me going for the journey ! Great motivator,

  • Woohoo, suzymac!! What a star! Wtg you! :)

  • Thanks moreless, it was harder than I thought though.

  • Morning travellersπŸ˜€

    My total for tuesday is 11.5k

    Have a good day x

  • Brill number quin :)

  • W6.21km for Tuesday

  • Just checking Angie. That W wasn't a miss hit 2 was it??!! :)

  • No I'm afraid not. Only 6.21

  • Good morning all

    3.5 km for me on 19th Jan


  • Good going Steve :)

  • 21349 steps / 16.71k

    Also 5.3k on the bike

    Total: 22.01k

  • Lexi!! You're a super hero!!! :D

  • Tuesday =2.8km for me ( I went to the hospital with my support worker for yet another chest X Ray as I've had 3 courses of antibiotics and steroids but still have a chest infection). Finally get this sorted i hope- keeping positive πŸ˜„

  • Oh heck veganista! Poor you :(

    Keep breathing in the clean, fresh air, as best you can and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

    You're still managing great numbers though, so well done you for not letting this get you down! :)

  • Aww thanx moreless so kind πŸ˜„

    I consider myself lucky really I could be a lot worse thankfully I'm able to get out πŸ˜„

  • We could all learn from such a positive attitude :)

  • πŸ˜ƒ I've not always been this positive it's taken a lot of hard work and bumps along the way to be this positive but it's all been well worth while πŸ˜€

    I wish you a lovely day πŸ˜ƒ

  • Morning all,

    Never got a chance to get on my bike yesterday but i did walk 6.77km hope to get pedalling again today though. ☺

  • Your feet do a great job, whether they're on the ground, or on the pedals kars. Well done you :)

  • 5.25k today. It was cold in work so I kept moving to keep warm (only the office was cold .... everywhere else was warm!!) Looking forward to those sunloungers!! Mines the one with the Betty Boop towel on πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • So there are benefits to clod weather then, Sopmarfree :D

    I'm saving your lounger for you - loving the towel :)

  • Hi Lizzy

    I have 7.39km for Tuesday 19th January :)

  • Great number keep-on :)

  • So sorry I think I forgot to post km's yesterday for Monday 19th, I had 11.37km :)

  • Phew keep-on! We wouldn't want to miss that number!! :)

  • Morning - quick flying visit :-) 6.6k run for me yesterday :-)

  • Great stuff Lucca :)

    I thought bats only flew at night! ;)

  • Sorry, I'm bit late to post.

    Probably had bit to many cocktails at the cocktail bar ;)

    Distance: 3.73km (5539 steps)

  • Not late at all Malisity, but I think we're all feeling the effects of the cocktails this morning :)

    Great number though :)

  • Hi. 8.4 km for me for Tuesday 19th. Slowly recovering from my cold.

    Got office day today, but will try and go out with the dog later.

  • Colds really are the pits, aren't they Carpo! I'm just waiting to be struck down by one myself, as the OH is sniffling all over the place :)

    You still managed a great number though :)

  • 17.14km for yesterday

  • WHAT???!!! WOOHOO!!!WTG LIZZY!!!!! That's fandabedozy!!!!! What a star! What the heck did you do????? :) :) :)

  • Hey hold on that wasn't me. Have a feeling Darrenchef hacked my account. I'll be having words later πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ƒ

  • Another 13:48 miles, it may be it for the week it is so cold on the bike, just so glad we can stop and try out the sun loungers. If you go via Singapore I'll drop off for a couple of months.

  • Wow! Fantastic number granddad! :)

    Here's a tip, get a stand for your bike, which essentially turns it into an exercise bike. Mine's a godsend for this time of the year :)

  • Thought I'd sent km for Tues but can't see my post (possibly an age thing). Think it was 5.9k but can't check as pedometer reset for today!

  • Or it could be a site glitch Mrscaw, there are a lot of them about at the moment.

    We shall trust your memory for that great number :)

  • Thanks moreless!

  • So we'll be quickstepping around to Midnight in Tokyo with Kenny Ball. Get practising slow slow quick quick slow, No rest for the wicked! Get off your sunlounger its a great number, before you have too many of those cocktails!

    Well yesterday I went dancing in the afternoon and puffing away at sax in evening so not too many steps 5789 but lots of effort ,Oh and I forgot practised the hula hoop, can only go one way! Tell moreless it isn't as easy as you think so doing it to the right easy, reversing ,falls straight onto floor bruising me on way down!!

  • I'm here Lizzy and I can't work my hoop either way! I think I'm cack handed, because I can't work out which way to start twisting it. I have a problem by not having a dominant hand, except for writing. I've got the bruises to prove it too! :D

    I think that's a lot of steps, so well done you :)

  • Just tried again . 1min to right, lots of bruises to left!! Trying not to incur any other injuries so plan on increasing slowly to the right! did think about the rowing contraption in argos by Davina but I think they have all gone as it wouldn't put it my basket! might be easier than hula hooping and useful in the sea if needed, hopefully for pleasure and not in necessity!!

  • Hahahahaha, great minds think alike! I've been looking at rowing machines today too! I was hoping to be able to get one from Tescos with clubcard vouchers, but the reasonably priced ones don't give your distance travelled.

  • The one I was looking at is like the pineapple pilates one on amazon about Β£10

  • Ooh, I've never seen one of those, I must have a look! Thanks for the tip :)

  • I've just got a mini stepper (well, its going back because it was damaged - but new one comes tomorrow !).

    I wanted something that would help strengthen my legs on non-running days and perhaps give a bit of arm exercise as well - and it will hide away quite well when not being used. I worked out how many steps I would have to do to complete 1k and it's definitely not going to be adding anything significant to my km total each day :-O

  • It looks like a really nifty gadget Lucca and great for stowing away. My concern would be falling off! My sense of balance is really naff!! :D

  • :-) I was a bit worried about that as well, as it's nothing to hold onto. However, I had a little go on it before it got put back into it's box to be returned (although not with the ropes), and it's not as bad as I thought. Perhaps once I get some speed up (ha ha !!) I might change my mind :-O

  • Fingers crossed then. We don't want to hear that you've come a cropper! :D

  • Hi Lizzy & Everyone,

    Sorry to be posting this late, but my result for Tuesday 19th January 2016 (yesterday) is 0.45km walking. i.e. nearly half a km, but not quite.

    I love the map! Great to see our progress.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done Lowcal, that's fab :)

  • Wednesday; 0.6km dog walking, 1km walking between work venues.

  • That's great Concerned :)

  • Late again! Tues kms - me 10.3 walking and c25k, Jog-on 21.45 walking, jogging and gymming :)

  • Not to worry Kate, as usual your totals are well worth waiting for :)

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