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Is it the Sugar?

Have just come back from 14 days in an all inclusive hotel in Jamaica ( tough I know ).

Expected to have put on the pounds because of the cooked breakfasts, lunch and evening dinner. Combined with lying by the pool and the occasional stroll.

However I actually LOST weight and I am not sure as to why.

My only change, apart from lazing about and the heat, was that I only had 2 sachets of sugar per day in total with my single daily coffee. Normally I eat the stuff as I have a sweet tooth. Cooked food was the norm whilst there. I did vastly increase my fluid intake, especially water, due to the heat and thanks to a bug had no alcohol for the second week ( doctors orders ).

Can anyone tell me if sugar can affect you so much regarding weight loss or could there be other factors involved that I need to consider.


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Bigleg ( Great Name..... )

I have Sarcoidosis and it has recently started to affect my heart muscle as well as my lungs, hence my medical agreement to travel.

The temperature was around 34 - 36 degrees and higher than expected ( 28 - 30 ). This must have been too much as since returning to colder climes I have been OK.

It seems that my left lung became infected and I had antibiotics to clear it. This reduced lung capacity so I had 3 shots on the nebuliser over 6 days, the last just before my flight home.

I also moved to another hotel room with better air-conditioning.

I am awaiting to see my Lung specialist next month and have an appointment with the Harefield hospital in early Jan 2016 who may recommend a pacemaker. We will see.

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Cutting out processed foods, like breakfast cereals, and sugar will have helped you lose weight. If you can carry this on now you are home, hopefully you will continue to lose weight. I agree with bigleg about eating in an "old fashioned way" and cooking from scratch when possible is best for good health and weight loss.

You could also have a look at something like the Meditterranean diet.

As you have an autoimmune problem, have you looked at any possible connection with gluten? Eliminating foods containing gluten can help reduce symptoms for some people in a variety of autoimmune conditions.

Good luck with your hospital appointment. My husband had a pacemaker fitted about 5 years ago (he had heart problems) and it has given him a new lease of life.

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I am living proof re. Gluten. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am 3 months off the drugs due to severe side effects. Following a gluten free diet and increasingredients my excercise =pain free..I had to be strict.xx either pilates and swimming but so far..it works.

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I like big legs post re low carbs. I think I have followed a similar diet without any planning at all. It is just a pattern I fell into by accident and trial and error and it worked for me. I do watch my portions though. I weigh myself every day and it is noticeable that should I eat more carbs when having a meal out or just a treat at home my weight instantly increases. I take most of my carbs through porridge every morning for breakfast. Fruit for lunch then meat or fish with veg or salad for main meal. 8'stones down. It does work.


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