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Food Management

Hi everyone, hoping I can get some tips.

To start, I am terrible with food! Keeping to diets, calories restrictions etc etc, is not easy. I am an emotional eater! boredom is the biggest one, but stress too comes in once in a while. I also feel hungry, quite a lot of the time.

I've tried for so long to try and combat boredom eating, but I'm getting nowhere!

I do eat breakfast, not a lot, as I hate eating in the morning, a veggie filled soup for lunch (I make it in a large saucepan, usually 4-5 servings) the only unnatural things that go in it are veg stock and a spoon of crème fraiche (I LOVE this soup, so I'm not bored of the repetition (and it's dirt cheap)). then dinner is as normal type dinner, but I've started cutting back on the carbs, like potatoes, pasta etc, half my plate is now more veg than anything.

Boredom eating is a killer. My SO works overtime and standby, so when you're sitting indoors alone, bored, food is easily reached. I have resorted to not stocking processed snack foods, only really have fruit for snacking purposes. I just have this compulsion to eat when I don't need to.

I wanted to know if anyone has managed to overcome their constant need to graze and had any useful and proven to work tips on controlling your eating habits (because just saying "don't eat a lot", is easier said than done).

I go to the gym 4-5 times a week 45 - 60 mins at a time. I work hard at the gym, but I know I may as well not go, as my food just squashes all the effort I've put in during the week.

Just need a few pointers... as I am setting myself up for failure and I'm stuck in a horrible relationship with food...

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Boredom eating is a big downfall for me as well. So is bingeing. I try distraction techniques like cleaning, or organising stuff, but lets face it there are only some many times you can clean the flat or paint your nails.

Sometimes setting a timer helps so if I'm craving something I set a timer for 20 minutes and drink a glass of water, generally the feeling has passed by then. I also don't keep snacks in the house at all, even healthy or low calorie ones as I'll just keep eating them. I have treats, that are like 100 cals, if there are calories spare, but they are bought singularly on the day. So like a a fredo or something.

If I'm really struggling I'll do an exercise video then shower, which kills like an hour of time and takes my mind of food.

And sometimes I just give in, that's when I dust myself and try again the next day. I try not to let bad days turn into bad weekends/weeks.

I hope the longer I keep at it I'll stop needing these and be able to function as a 'normal person' with a healthy food relationship.

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I binge it's bad it's a form of self abuse


I am the same about food charts I have found just have porridge for breakfast is a good start nothing in between 3 meals a day and plenty of water. Avoid chocs at all cost if you really want to lose as all will be spoilt and a day wasted you will feel once you start on them Good luck


If you start to eat in the morning

Your body will turn it into routine

After 28 days of doing it ;)

And you will wake up wanting breakfast

You need breakfast as you have had a ten hour fast


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