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Start Week 2: Motivation

Hello everybody! I was really pleased to find supportive comments in the previous post. So today I'm going to share something very private with you. It's the thing we're fervently looking for, again and again, trying not to lose: the motivation.

There can't be one universal motivation for everyone, as we're all different. Myself I tried to lose weight to fit in dress size, to look hot at the beach, to stop venous pain in legs, to be beautiful at the wedding...all those didn't work, as you can see :D There was a common ending: "F*ck it all, I want this cake! OK, I've ruined my diet, so please chocolates and candies more! OK, I fell whatever, so I'll eat them for 2 weeks!"

Recently happened something that really hurt my soul.

1) My fiancee and I were rehearsing our wedding first dance. There was an element, where he should raise me and whirl round..and he couldn't. (He could do easily it just some months ago). And the dance teacher says: "It could be really beautiful..but OK, we'll replace it".

2) Some changes in..let's name it "love life". (We're all adult here, yeah?). He is still as gentle, caring and kind, but when the night comes - just kiss in the cheek and "goodnight, honey".

So I started to think what to do. Motivation articles in magazines are divided into "hate your body" and "love your body". In my case, I did both :D First, I looked in the mirrow (I avoided to do it lately) and admitted, that my naked body, frankly speaking, looks terrible now. It became significantly less attractive since we met. And if I don't find it hot, why my husbund should?

Then I agreed, that it's really unfair from my side, to transform the body he liked so much.

Afterwards I decided, that as we're both so cool and love each other so much, we both deserve to be happy, including sex life.

As you see, strong motivation is something that is very private for you and REALLY scratches your heart, EVERY time you think about it. And you must be sure, you deserve better life! And it's possible!

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Glad you are addressing body image, for all concerned, which is great, I wish I had another half, just a petite cat, who sleeps next to me!

She knocked the bedside light over a few days ago and woke me..........................keep up the good week and keep strong too


My motivation is in how I feel from day to day...everyday feels better than the last day...clothes feel better and I enjoy the exercise....so let's just keep on keeping on!


I feel for.ni am finding motivation hard this week. Let's just keep going and see what happens.


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