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Small personal triumph

So I have been latte free for 5 days. I had a slip on Monday so had to reset the "clock" but other than that nothing.

Last night I had a wobble and pinched 4 chips and a fish finger off my son's plate, then I had a side plate of the delicious smelling/looking curry at the Church event I went to later in the evening. Aaah! Not good.

This morning I felt pretty rubbish because I had "failed" yet again. I had that awful, hate filled internal dialogue going on - I'm sure you are all very familiar with it.

So clearly what was going to make me feel so much better about myself was a full FRY UP from the Staff Cafe and...an extra big Latte. Just thinking about it excited me! I had convinced myself, justified it, as I always do, that this was the answer!

I have to walk past the Cafe on way into work - I cannot avoid it or take another route, it is the only way to get to my office BUT for some amazing reason my legs kept on walking! I just kept walking by - my mind was saying "Hey wait, what about that sausage and bacon, go back, go back" but my legs just carried me on.

I couldn't quite believe it actually. For once I managed to not blow it completely!! A small triumph indeed.

The weekend is nigh and I have to say I am feeling quite twitchy about it. My "fat person" voice is telling me it would be a great idea to go and get some goodies to watch the rugby. My husband is working so he won't know about it, my voice says; "you can eat and eat and you can have it all to yourself - Yipppeeee!"

Even now, as I type this, I am justifying it and think this IS a superb idea.

I take my son swimming first thing Saturday mornings and to get the particular treats I so desire I would have to drive out of my way.

I just hope, like today, my body does not listen to my mind and drives straight home without deviation!!

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Oh my, well done for avoiding the fry up.

Your post resonated with me on so many levels. I too had a latte thing going on. I never realised how calorific they were before. Now if I find myself in a coffee shop I go for a small cappuccino without the choc topping which is damage limitation really. I reckon a little of what you fancy is OK from time to time unless you're so addicted to stuff that you have to go cold turkey.

That whole accountability thing too. I'll be on my own tonight as the family will be out, and I found myself thinking about a nice glass of red wine and some chocolate before stopping myself. I've told Myfitnesspal what I plan to eat so that should keep me on the straight and narrow.

Hope you have a great weekend, keep up the good work!


Hi SVR28,

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the swimming pool first thing today with your son, and I hope you are having a good weekend so far.

Well done for your decision yesterday to walk past the cafe, and I hope you were able to drive home without deviation too. It shows how much our routines and the things that we pass each day can affect us.

Enjoy the Rugby game, and the rest of the weekend, and good luck for the weigh-in on Monday.

Your other post about eating plans has proved very popular, and you've got us all talking there.

Wishing you a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)


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