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First day

Good morning all and hi to my weigh-in buddy Lesley_r Well today's the day first day of healthy eating plan I'm not going to use the "d" word

I have had a bit of a shock and a nice surprise. First the shock the tape measure round my waist showing 38 inches I can remember when my hips were less than that! The surprise was for a few weeks I have been saying my weight was 11 and half stone this morning scales are showing exactly 11 stone so this is my start weight. It can't possibly be anything to do with not having crisps for four days can it? Good luck to everybody starting today.

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Oh wow very nice start to your day !! well done, so my day started with the same number i've seen for the last few months, 15 stone. On a plus note it hasn't changed for ages, so now begins the fun of watching it week by week decrease. I will measure my body next Monday as i forgot to do this today .

As for crisps if it was then i will happily comply ,lol.

Enjoy your evening :-)

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