A bad week

I have not had a good week this week. I worked until 8pm on Wednesday and was absolutely starving so I got a burger king. I have an hour's commute and felt I completely couldn't last...

My friend stayed over Friday night. It took my 2.5 hours to get home because the motorway was a car park and all other routes completely blocked as everyone was getting off so didn't have time to pop to the shop to get something nice for tea so we ended up with a Dominoes. I ate the whole pizza! At 202 calories a slice - 8 slices....also shared a bottle of wine between 3 of us. We then went and met some friends in town for drinks - they were there already and had ordered a cheese board and no one liked the cheese...I was only happy to help with another third bottle of wine.

Yesterday we met some other friends for lunch. I had a goats cheese and pickled beetroot sandwich which was so good and then everyone was having cake and coffee afterwards....and I caved. Homemade bakewell tart...yummy!

Today we are going to the Ludlow Food Festival, we've had it on our calendar for ages and I do like going to this type of thing...I'm so apprehensive whether I can resist all the temptations and stick to healthy-ish options. I haven't done well in that respect all week!

I also haven't done any exercise this week - my foot is still really hurting :( it seems to be getting worse and walking is still painful. I am wearing a tubi-grip, taking ibruprofen and doing the heel dips but it's not getting better. Time for the GP I think!

Next week I am off all week with my boyfriend for a staycation, I am now dreading it foodwise! My boyfriend is supportive of me loosing weight but he can eat anything and be a beanpole and loves going out for food (as do I!). He did say he will try what he called some 'hipster salads' so need to buy the ingredients before he changes his mind! He also said he would come for some runs with me and play squash (both foot depending).

I'm really gutted about this week - I struggled last week too but not this bad. Has anyone else had this experience week 6/7? Any tips to overcome it?


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8 Replies

  • Oh no, what a complete pile up of challenges! You've done well to see each one in isolation and work out why they all happened the way they did.

    I think you should def see a doc about your foot now, as it's clearly more serious than something that can simply be fixed through rest and stretching. But you've done well to persevere for a week. The doc will hopefully have more advice.

    You can't fix what's happened so far, the burger king, pizza and lovely wine, cheese and Bakewell tart! But maybe a shift in outlook will help. There will be delicious things at the Ludlow food festival that don't have to be calorie laden, such as chutneys, salad boxes, apple cider vinegar to make your own homemade salad dressings, and cheese which can inspire you to make some of those 'hipster salads'.

    Good luck getting back on track, and hope your staycation goes to plan foodwise :)

  • Thanks Ruth, it does seem that loads of food challenges came at once! That's a good idea to look out for things for salads, will keep me focused!

  • I'm completely with you this week! I've had a dreadful week too! I've got a chest infection (hence why I haven't responded to any posts) which has knocked me for six so no exercise and to make me feel better I've eaten complete rubbish!!!

    Try and put this week behind you and make sure you make healthier choices next week. Sorry to hear you are suffering with your foot, are you able to go for walks or is that still too much!? Definitely advice trip to the doctors.

    I'm off exercise for three weeks as advised by my doctor which is a pain but to be honest I'm so tired and weak don't think I could anyway.

    Fingers crossed for you over the next week, we can do it. :)

  • Sorry to hear you are not well :( it does all seem to come at once doesn't it?! Hope you feel better soon.

    I agree that we need to put this week behind us, learn and move on.

    Walking is hurting at the moment :( I'm going to book a GP appointment next week if I can get in!

    Hopefully the damage won't be too bad for both of us tomorrow!

  • Hope you get on ok at the doctors. Oh yes weigh in day, not looking forward to that!

  • I know! I was going to miss the weigh in tomorrow but I need to be accountable so I am going to do it!

  • Yep me too, good luck!!

  • Myfitnesspal calculated 3200 cals on Saturday....no excuses, but memorable evening with family....I'm taking forum advice, forgive self and move on....literally moving on for a three mile walk!

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