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Finding it a little bit easier to get motivation to stick to my healthy eating and exercise plan. This morning I went for a run (completed week 5 run 1 of C25K) and then did some Pilates after and finished it off with 20 minutes of yoga. It honestly made me feel so good to get out of the house and feel more active and to use the new trainers that I had purchased the day before. I now think, 'why was I avoiding doing exercise before? It's not that bad, I can do this' whereas before I would have been thinking up a million excuses as to why I couldn't go out for walk or a run and generally procrastinating.

I feel so much more positive and light and healthy and it really goes to show that by just improving on small things to do with my physical health, I have had a positive effect on my mental health too.

Here's to a hopefully fabulous week, and I wish everyone else good luck and positive vibes for the remaining week! :)


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8 Replies

  • What a super post! It's so true about getting on and doing instead of procrastinating....I'm getting over an op and so desperate to get out into the fresh air again....

  • Way to go Girl!

    I'm with PP, what an uplifting post!

    Can't wait to get where you're at.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Its great isn't it. You can just get this feeling anytime now, the endorphins of doing exercise and that feeling that you're in control and seeing results. It's so weird to think none of this was happening before! Good luck with week 5, you're half way through c25k now :)

  • Fabulous you are absolutely right, hope you have a fantastic week :)

  • I absolutely agree with you.

    I did a 30 minutes in 30 days personal challenge which was I had to exercise EVERY day for at least 30 minutes, no excuses, rain, hail, shine.

    And by week 3 I had gone from "Ugh I do not want to do this" and being a general frumpy pain in the butt about it to "Damn it - where are my shoes - I want to get out there now!".

    There more you exercise the more you want to.

  • I think that if you find it hard to spend the time exercising, have a look at high intensity interval training. Plenty of examples and workouts available on you tube. Can do a really effective and fat burning workout in 20 mins and that includes ten minutes of resting time.

  • Thanks, I'm not sure about high intensity interval training as I tend to have a lot of problems with my joints and don't like to put my body under too much strain. Would HIIT be too much? I can just about go running without hurting my hip/knee, I find yoga and Pilates alongside running to be about the right balance.

  • It is fairly high impact but can be done on an exercise bike.

    Pedal at 100% effort for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds then repeat for between 15 and 20 times. I tend not to do more than 16 working sets with 16 rest periods.

    At first 30 seconds rest wasn't enough as I was really unfit so I used to take up a a minute rest. Now I'm down to 30 seconds rest.

    All I do is run on the spot like mad for my working sets but there are lots of different examples on the net

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