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Hello all,this is my first post. I started out on the 12 week plan again yesterday. I did the first two weeks previously and lost 6 pounds, but then it was time for me to go on holiday. Even though I basically ate what I wanted I remained at the weight I had got to so was really pleased with that. So hopefully I can still lose some by starting the plan again. Ideally I want to lose about 3 stones, then I would be happy. My BMI is 33.3 and I currently weigh.

This is the way I do things :

I REFUSE to cut out any foods as I only crave them more. I keep a food and drink diary so I can see exactly what I have eaten through the day. I do try and eat more fruit(instead f biscuits) so that my sugar craving is minimised. I am trying to stick to around 1600 calories a day. I use the nhs calorie counter and keep a list of all the foods and their calorie value in a book so I can refer to whenever. I never beat myself up about having a slip up. It has been eaten, there is nothing you can do about it, so use the energy you would for being annoyed at yourself on something else more positive.

My day consists of: porridge made with water and raisins in it, for lunch I usually have a salad weekdays with table water biscuits instead of a slice of bread (psychologically you think you are having more as you can have 3/4 instead of just 1 slice of bread) with a yoghurt and grapes. Dinner is what the rest of my family have, just a smaller portion. This seems to have worked in the past.

My top tip is to weigh yourself in Kilos...a kilo is smaller than a pound so the numbers reduce quicker than if you were using pounds and stones..so it is psychologically better. :)

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Hi daviesgirl :-) Sounds like you have a great plan there. Your idea not to cut out foods suits me too - I know that if I deny myself too much, I begin to feel like I'm on a diet, and then I never succeed. I love my kitkat each evening too much :-) You sound very positive !

Have you thought about joining Lowcal's Monday weigh in thread ? - lots of celebration and support in there.

Am I going mad though ? I thought a lb was smaller than a kilo !? :-)

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I have a kitkat as my treat too. Loving the orange ones 😃

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Pounds are 'smaller' than kilos. I think 1kg=2.2lb but I think she means that it sounds better to say you weigh 90kg than 200lb (or whatever the equivalent is) as 90 sounds smaller than 200.

Good luck.

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Thanks, that is what I was trying to say.

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I see !! I think my brain has shut down over the summer :-)


Hi daviesgirl,

I am also not cutting out food I enjoy. I have in the past and I felt miserable and actually put on weight because I was eating 'healthy but bland' food but I wasn't satisfied so I ate banned as well. 😟

Good luck !


Sorry guys you are right pounds are smaller, ;)


Hiya - welcome on board and congrats on not gaining while you were on holidays - thats a real achievement.

A couple of suggestions for you. Try varying your breakfast with a couple of poached or scrambled eggs and a piece of rye toast. Takes 5 minutes (literally) to make and is lower in carbs then porridge plus the protein helps fill you up.

If you haven't tried it get some almond milk. Porridge is one of my favourite breakfasts and I have it with almond milk with is even lower in calories then skim and ives the porridge a delicious taste. I have a tbsp or peanut butter and a small splodge of honey in mine. Delish!

Download the Myfitnesspal app - i is free and its a *godsend*!

Counts calories, logs food, scans barcodes, imports recipes from the web - it makes calorie counting and checking calories of food SO simple...did I mention its free?

You haven't mentioned exercise? Make it your mission to do 20 mins a day every day for 30 days and it will soon become a habit - and enjoyable! :)


thanks for the reply Dave. I really don't know how I didn't put on weight on hols, camping in Scotland, cooked breakfast a lot of the time(lorne sausage which is made with beef and full of fat! I did pour all the fat off when I'd cooked it though and resisted the temptation to let it harden into beef dripping), fish and sausage suppers (the sausage suppers up there give you 3 battered sausages EEK!), not to mention the trips to greggs for sandwiches and their chocolate muffins, plus full fat milk cos it keeps better when you haven't got a fridge.

I make my porridge with water so unfortunately would not gain anything from using almond milk. I have tried it though in the past as my daughter wanted to try it but I prefer cows milk, semi skimmed as the skimmed is just coloured water to me. I sometimes put in raspberries as when it is cooked and you stir them in it is like having a pudding for breakfast. I try not to vary my breakfast as when I stop having porridge and then start back on it again, I am ravenous by 9.30 for about 3 days. I think my body has to get used to it again, then I am ok. I have fruit at about 10.30 and that usually lasts me till lunch at 12.

I have just started to exercise, got wii fit and a dance game aswell (only when no one is looking :), so I am going to try and do that at least 3 times a week and do a little strength training on the wii fit twice a week.


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