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Idea for anyone who might be missing cake!


I found this idea for breakfast on another forum : banana pancakes, and after trying it this morning, the texture I think would help satisfy a cake craving. Mash a medium just- ripe banana ( a fully ripe one would be too sloppy) with one scrambled egg and cook like an omelette. I used a tiny bit of melted butter but if you're eating low fat a good non stick pan wouldnt need any. I put some chopped strawberries on top but there could be variations. Low calorie pudding with real food !

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Sorry, I should have said whisked egg. Don't scramble the egg first it would be horrible!!

Sounds really nice, I'll give it a go



That does sound good. Bananas are amazing in anything :)

I've used 1 banana and two egg pancakes, fab, although I do need low sugar fruits, and a bit of sugar with them!

Will be making these soon, getting a bit fed up of sorbet and fruit.

Sounds good!

ALthough I am suspicious. Someone called @bananacake telling us about banana pancakes?

Are you sure you are not a plant put in here from the Banana Marketing Board? Hmmmm?!


in reply to Dave1961

Lol, it's actually a nickname, used when I say something daft!

I have something similar but also put some rolled oats in with the mix too for a big of texture.

I'm going to try these this weekend sound yummy

Sounds great, I'm going to try it too.

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