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Any ideas for breakfast and lunch


Anyone any ideas for breakfast and lunch trying to cut out bread. If i have cereal and fruit i get hungry about 2 hours later. I get so bored with salad and soup for lunch. Would appreciate your ideas

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I've also cut out bread and additionally also cut out dairy so hopefully the following will inspire!

At the moment I have granola with sultanas and soya milk for breakfast (you could also have yogurt instead of milk), although sometimes I have porridge with mashed banana stirred in which is super filling. I make my own granola with sunflower seeds etc, as shop ones can be quite high sugar, but worth shopping around for a good granola.

For lunch I have a homemade salad which is light on leaves and has tasty red pepper, sugar snaps, cherry tomatoes and halved grapes in it, with garlicky homemade hummous and oatcakes. If I'm going to be somewhere that has a microwave then a microwaved sweet potato makes a great lunch too, have it with tuna mayo or bean stew or garlicky mushrooms. I also sometimes take a homemade potato salad with really tasty potatoes e.g. Charlotte potatoes, sliced gherkins and a quartered boiled egg on top.

Lots of options there hopefully!

Thank you i will give some of them a try

I have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast sprinkled with a bit of all bran and some seeds normally although this morning I had wheetabix and almond milk warmed in the fridge topped with a kiwi and some strawberries.

For lunch I have a salad but I change it every day so I don't get bored. Today I had tomatoes, cucumber, sweet potato wedges (which I baked in the oven last night), beetroot, avocado and some home made hummus.

chris47 in reply to alex7ra

Thank you i never thought of having sweet potato wedges with a salad must try.

A protein breakfast can stop you getting hungry quickly. Try eggs any way you like, or plain full-fat live yoghurt with fruit, nuts you add yourself.


I am a porridge fan. Really satisfies and am not at all hungry till lunch. I add blueberries ( my fav) or cinnamon. You can grate apple in and add nutmeg and it tastes like Apple pie, I used skimmed milk. You can add any fruit you like.

Today I had some whole meal toasted pitta bread - when its toasted you can cut in open and insert anything you like (homemade low fat hummus!) - if you like boiled eggs, have some ready in the fridge and take with you to dress up at work....lovely with olives if you like them.....

Hope this helps a little and good luck Chris47

Mary xx


Hi Chris,

I had the same issue for lunch and was given some good recipes here:

I have tried the Chinese Chicken Salad and the Broccolini Beauty so far and they are lovely and really filling. Going to try the muffin recipe over the weekend when have more time to bake!

If you like eggs, I make a plain omelette, leave to cool and make a wrap. I fill mine with lettuce, cucumber and a slice of baked ham but you could put whatever you like in it.

I have also cut out bread completely. I eat high fibre cereal for breakfast (with a large glass of water rather than tea/coffee), then for lunch, I eat 2 boiled eggs (whites only - is only 20 calories) with whatever else I'm having that day (which depends what I've got in the fridge - but it's typically some combination of cheese / cooked meats like ham or turkey / roast meats like chicken or gammon / some form of potato (except chips!) etc up to 600 calories max). Hope that helps.

Porridge with blueberries for breakfast. Make up a salad of steamed veg, broccoli, French beans, green beans, broad beans, sliced avocado, pomegranate seeds, thin slices of courgettes, asparagus,mango chunks. Make your own dressing with 1/3 balsamic vinegar to 2/3 olive oil, some dried mixed herbs, tiny bit of sugar if wanted. Keeps in fridge. mix and match adding ingredients as you have them

I am an eggs and oats person myself - not together of course lol

2 Eggs scrambled or poached, 1 piece of rye toast with a smear of butter and I am good to go for the morning.

I also like the 90 second oats (I eat the hifibre plain ones) and have those with almond milk. Less calories and I HONESTLY can not taste the difference between that and lite or skim milk. Pop in a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tsp of honey and its my favourite breakfast at the moment.

I should really be using "real" or steel cut oats as they have a lower GI, don't raise your insulin as quickly and are much better for day!

I also LOVE this little treat.

1 x piece toast (I like rye - low GI)

1/2 avocado

50gm goat fetta (or ordinary - try the goat - its SO delicious!)

1/4 cup of chopped fresh mint

1 x poached egg.

Mush together the avocado, mint and fetta and spread it on your toast. Top with poached egg.

Grind of pepper (maybe some salt but the fetta is quite salty)


Fatcat92 in reply to Dave1961

This deserves a heart for love and health I will totally be trying it <3

A good start to the day is overnight porridge

Soak porridge oats overnight in water, then in morning add some milk and warm through then chuck on some fruit (banana is good as it really fills you up)

Omelette is a great way to fill you up and you can chuck in veggies like celery, onion peppers as well, you feel like you have eaten masses.

What about a small jacket potato with beans for lunch, heat and go.

I always find the more I can prepare in advanced the easy it and I don't throw everything away and eat rubbish.

Hope some of these tips are useful.

Have a good week.

40 grammes of giant rolled oat porridge. Make with water. Microwave for 90 seconds.

At this point I add a big tablespoon of Total 0 fat yoghurt, Splenda for sweetness and some form of fruit, strawberries sliced are good, or berries or rhubarb that I've stewed in Splenda. Really good, filling and tasty.

I also struggle for a lunch without bread. Sometimes take salad, or a smoothie or sometimes an apple and a few nuts. Would really love sandwiches but like you want to avoid bread.

Forgot to say after adding yoghurt and berries, microwave again for 90 seconds. When using berries it makes the porridge taste like you've added jam.


I would echo all the posts about having porridge, but have you considered trying it for lunch ? I'm having poached egg, tomato, bagel breakfast (I appreciate you may not want the bagel !) - and then having porridge, banana and almonds for lunch. I'm finding this combination is really filling and seems to be preventing my 4pm hunger pangs, which normally cause me a problem (especially if i've had something salady for lunch).

chris47 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for for all your ideas and i will certainly try them

I personally do drink milk as I have no other source of calcium in my diet - I have it on cereal at breakfast and half a glass to drink


Proteins keep you fuller longer. My favourite breakfasts are:

Poached egg with steamed asparagus- yum

Overnight Porridge- mix some milk into your porridge, add fruit of choice and chopped nuts, flavour with cinnamon. Put in fridge and eat with yoghurt the next morning.

I like to play with quinoa and cous cous for lunch, mx in a variety of veg, spice it up, add tangy stuff like gherkins, capers, preserves lemons and your choice of herbs. Serve warm or cold with a dollop f fat free natural yoghurt.

Hope this helps,

Also gave a look at

for ideas


PS are you drinking enough water?

Sometimes thirst manifests as hunger.

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