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Day 2

Day 2

So yesterday I went and purchased a Fitbit Flex which I have now setup. It interfaces with the My Fitness Pal app on my phone and on the web and tracks steps, calories, sleep...

I am in nerd heaven!

I've also decided what my goal is to be - running the Sydney City To Surf in August, 2016.

As you can see from the photo it will just be me and a couple of mates lol

Now that I have been off the smokes for 3 months I can really start to feel the difference in my breathing so between that and losing around 40 kilos by then I will be ready to give this cranky old body a good work out lol

Once I have about 20 kilos off I can get serious about a couch 2 5k and build from there. I have around 55 kg's to lose but I think the City To Surf would be achievable even if I still have an 15 or so kg's on. And lets face it I can walk part of it if I need to - I just think having that goal is important :)

Whats yours?

Right well one of my apps or devices or something is beeping at me - best go and do whatever it is telling me to do.

How did I end up under the thumb of my smart phone?

They're taking over I tell you! :P

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Wow. That photo shows what an exciting day you have to work towards. Your post made me realise so far I have only focused on weight loss goals not fitness. That is something to think about.....


Thank you for your humour :) If I lived around Sydney I would have joined you towards that goal :) I am thinking too about one in UK. Gently does it :)

Gonna do some yoga in a bit. I shouldn't have eaten breakfast though ;) so I'm waiting a bit. I'll start the 5k program next week. Never mind the wobbly bits jumping up & down ;)

I should look up about the fitbit flex. Sounds fun :)

Have a great day!:)

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Hi Dave,

Is that you in the red cap ? lol

You do like your gadgets, I am tech phobic ( is that a word !), have looked at a fit bit but not sure.

Do like the goals you have set, they do sound massive but other posts have achieved so much and being able to run sounds like it balances a healthy life. I am thinking about starting couch to 5k, I have it on my iPod , got the trainers just not got the guts to start !!!.

My goal is to loose 20 Ibs and improve health and fitness, I had a stroke in sept 2013 age 53, I did loose nearly 3 stone over the first year but by feb2015 bad habits crept back and I was up nearly a stone, so resolved to loose 20Ibs for good and keep it off!!

I do a lot of walking I have a dog so do extra walking and a few months ago started a circuit class and I do that twice a week and really enjoy it I was never a gym bunny but did a bit of Zumba before stroke.

Sometimes life throws us a bummer, my way of dealing with it is to move forward , live every day and not look back as can change nothing but our future !! phew lol

Have a great week


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Well then we're pretty much the same age - I'll be 54 in December.

And yes life DOES throw us some curve balls doesn't it?

I had a heart attack when I was working in Dubai 6 years ago, basically ignored it and just carried like everything was just fine, and then got hit with AF (Atrial Fibrillation) 3 years ago at a boot camp I was on....and it took me 18 months to actually finally get serious about my heart...and another 18 months to finally quit smoking!

Lets not talk about my gall bladder!

But....hang on ... didn't I only turn 25 last week? What's with my body objecting to my lifestyle?!?


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Gall bladder, I've not got one, that went distance few years back !!!! lol

It's scary to think of the damage we do to ourselves through working hard and playing hard !!

Well it sounds like you are on the right track for a 25 yr old lol

Have a good week, did not realise you are in Oz, it is winter there eh? What part?



Yep its winter here in Sydney and we're in a bit of a cold snap Brrr


Fitbit is really motivational, it's good kit and the flex in the UK can now be picked up fairly cheaply.

I used one for a couple of years but I had issues with the batteries always dieing on me every few months, Fitbit support was fantastic and they replaced them each time within 48 hours of reporting the issue. My wife also has one and has never had an issue, the only thing that we did differently (apart from activity level) is I used to wear my in the shower, whereas she never did. So my advice to anyone having issues to try not wearing it in the shower (even though they claim it to be waterproof)

If you are following the NHS C25K plan then there is an NHS C25K group over at Fitbit.com if anyone is interested in joining that was started at the beginning, as far as I am aware it still has active members.


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Awesome thanks for the tips - will definitely check out the fitbit groups :)


That's a really good goal to work towards, what did we do without all this technology, I remember the days when I used to have to actually write things down with a pen and could only dream of a world with fitness apps etc...

Good Luck :)


Hi David,

after reading your post last Monday I added My fitness pal to my phone, also added map my fitness and loved them both, by Tuesday I had purchased a UP24 by Jawbone, and yes they are now also taking over my life and that of my dog too as I don't think he has walked so much!!

I am loving it!!! I'm tracking my calorie intake, and can even see how to make healthy choices with food as it rates how healthy your meal was.

This week I have lost 1.3kg so now down to 87kg and my starting weight in March was 97.5 I've finally lost over 10kg!! I was struggling to move the scales a couple of weeks ago!

I want to say a big thank you for posting about the apps as without these I probably would of had another unsuccessful week!



I am SO happy that these tools are helping you.

And I know, right? Suddenly 10,000 steps becomes your mantra - its amazing how you suddenly find lots of little ways to do quick bursts of steps you would never have otherwise done.

And I love MFP as well. I KNOW I am making healthier choices now I can see exactly what the impact will be and what my calorie goal is.

Although I have to admit after 2 weeks I now wait at LEAST an hour before I check my steps :)

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