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Advice on juicing. Is it healthy and does it work?

I would like to hear from someone who did the 7 day juice cleanse 3 months ago or longer/ someone who has done juicing for weight loss, and see what their results are like now.

I did a 3 day juice cleanse just to give it a go before I committed to the full 7 days. I lost 4 pounds and felt surprisingly energised and not hungry at all but now, 4 weeks later, I have gained 8 pounds so am 4 pounds heavier than I was originally! I now weigh the most I ever have!

I have often heard the criticism that when you stop juicing you often gain what you lost back plus more. This, and my experience of the 3 day juice cleanse, has made me wary to do the 7 day but now that I have gained so much weight I would like to kick start being fitter by losing a few pounds quickly. I know it is a lifestyle change but I don't want to have to massively panic if I have the occasional burger or cake or cheese that I'll immediately pile all the weight back on because my metabolism has slowed down so much.

It also worries me how sugar heavy juicing is, as this can't be good for your body or for losing weight.

Anyone have any experience with juicing who can give me their advice/ opinion? Thank you very much!

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Check out a nutribullet or similar machine such as nutrininja. You get the benefits of juicing but also get all the fibre. You can also add healthy ingredients which would not juice. Basically you use half fruit and had veg. I tend you use spinach.

Can have really tasty nutritious smoothies.

The nutribullet comes with a booklet giving receipts but once you get used to it you can work out your own.


Is this any help?

IMHO you're better to blend than juice so that the food retains the fibre. Definitely watch your fructose intake, especially when you re-integrate with a healthy balanced diet when you are content with your weight.

A balanced diet is 10-20% protein, 20-35% carbohydrate, 50-60% fat, consisting of real, unprocessed, additive-free food :-)


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