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Hello, over the past year I have lost nearly 6 st in weight! But I feel worse now then ever! I really want to lose at least another stone. Im in my 'healthy weight' BMI, but I'm not happy, I got to the gym 4 times a week (for 2 hours each time) and I eat less than 1300 calories a day. My weight loss has stopped. I really need some advise on what I could do to get my weight loss going again. Its seriously depressing me now! Especially when i'm still working so hard to lose it! Any ideas? Thanksss

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I will have a look at that website. Thank you :)


I don't know what type of workout you do at the gym but you may need to shake it up. I would try using free weights at the gym if you're not doing so already. Also try a HIIT workout like a spinning class.

You also may want to look at your calorie intake because of the exercise you're doing. It maybe necessary to slightly increase what you're eating.


I do 1 and a half hour cardio (cross trainer, treadmill, bike and rower) and then half an hour on the different weight machines! I wish I could eat more than 1300 cals but my mind wont let me! Thank you! :)


Ideally you should change your workout every 6 weeks, so your body doesn't get used to it and you stop seeing results. Try something new that will use different muscles which your body isn't used to.

If you have free weights available to you it is better to use them than the machines.


Have you looked into advice about when to eat? There are all sorts of theories about how your body metabolises most efficiently in the hours directly after exercise. You might need to look at what and when you're eating in relation to when you are exercising. I'm sure someone at your gym would be able to advise you in this area, otherwise there's always google... You should really feel excellent for losing 6 stone by the way. Be easy on yourself and take care :)


Aww thank you, i wish I felt it! I have gone from 17 st to now being 11st 2lb! So still got some more to lose! And thank you I will take a look into that. :)


That's so amazing. Just keep trying a few different strategies, and be patient, eventually something will work :)


Firstly congratulations on the weight you've lost, that's a great achievement so pat yourself on the back for that!!!

The body gets used to things, so you have to change things up or you'll continue to be frustrated with your lack of loss. One way is to actually eat more kcals. I know it's against what you're mind is telling you to do, but trust me it works. I increase my kcals every so often just to shock the system, and then drop back down to my normal which is also around 1300/1400 and it's helped me lose over 5 stone in less than a year consistently.

Give it a go honestly!


Hi, I was in the same position. I think that you are not feeding your body enough. Check out the body coach, Joe Wicks. I signed up with him and it's a complete eye opener. Teachess you how to feed your body correctly and excercise effectively. The programme lasts 90 days and consists of 3 x 30 day cycles. Cycle 1 consists of cardio and dietary advice, cycle 2 cardio and weights, cycle 3 harder with more weights. The workouts are high intensity but can be done over quite a short time. Cycle 3 is the longest and only takes me 50 minutes, 4 times a week.

It is less about weight loss as you are burning fat but gaining lean muscle mass but even so I have lost over a stone and I om only just into cycle 3. However I have lost 4 inches from my waist and inches from my chest and hips since I started.

The workouts are hard but even as a 57 year old I manage them but the big revelation is the food you eat. I'm never hungry and the portion sizes can be huge. Made me doubt the plan at first but it really does work.

I was in exactly your position having lost 5 1/2 stone before I started the plan but I was starting to plateau, I knew I wasn't eating that healthily and was spending a lot of time in the gym for little reward.

I now know what to do and I'm eating really healthily.

I have cancelled my gym membership now as I can do all the workouts at home with a cheap set Argos weights and a cheap foldaway bench.

Google The Body Coach or Joe Wicks and check out his plan, the numerous testimonial and before and after pics which are real.

I have no connection with the programme other than as a very satisfied customer.

There is very good email support to answer any questions and I have had lots.

The plan costs £149.00 but it is the best money I've spent in a while.

I've lost not far off 7 stones now. I'm toning up, have muscles that I've never had in my life and 100% fitter than I was.


Well done on your weight loss :) I will have a look at that later on, thank you :)


Well done on all the hard work you've put in. What an amazing achievement!!

What I cannot believe is that all the other responses on here are focusing on pushing you further when what stands out to me most of all is that you are in your healthy BMI range, you're doing 2 hours in the gym 4 times a week and you are under eating for your activity level (unless you are only 3 feet tall and in your 90s!)

I would like to gently and kindly suggest that you've reached your goal or are only a couple of pounds off, not a stone, and having worked so hard you don't know how to pull it back to maintenance. You are over-training and not fuelling yourself enough hun.

Take a breath, take a break and perhaps change up the type of training to maintain your fitness. If you're doing loads of cardio pull it back to shorter less intense sessions and put some weights in there.

Your fitness is not a number on the scales, your human worth is not a number on the scales.



Thank you, no im not 3 foot, im 5.8 and 22 years old :) but i still dont like how I look, my self esteem is rubbish bit I want to be in the middle of my healthy bmi which is another 1st to go! But thank you so much for your kind words :)


I agree with bigleg that you need to consider the quality of what you're eating. See also the Perfect Health Diet by P & S-C Jaminet.

I also think you're over-training. The first thing your body has to do following a workout is recover. If you are continually in a state of recovery, your body is constantly stressed, you will be releasing stress hormones that raise your blood glucose in a fight or flight response, raising your insulin levels, making you inflamed, narrowing your arteries...

It's time to re-sharpen the saw. Imagine you are that stone lighter, what will have to change to enable you to maintain your weight happily for the rest of your life?

Good luck!


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