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Puffed out

First time on the bike in a couple of years. Not to far, didn't want to over do it and forgot how sore the saddle was! Did some sprints and got very hot and extremely sweaty. But instead of hiding my tomato red face in shame like I normally would, I proudly panted my way past the pedestrains. Proud of myself for giving it a go! Feel really good now, even with my jelly legs 🚴🏼☺️

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You only need to average 140+ beats per minute for 20 minutes to improve your fitness; much more than that impairs your recovery, immunity and potentially health. Well done on your achievement! :-)


Definitely think I reached that! Thanks :)


Excellent!! :-) really love your post and very well done to you getting on your bike and giving it a go. I started riding again after 20 sum what years and love it now. It is so enjoyable, I just go out on it and go wherever my mind takes me. I have the whole kit and cobudle now. I got cycling gloves and riding top and feel on top of the world. It doesn't take long to get back into the swing of things. You watch it will be like you never even stopped. Keep going it gets easier :-)

Very happy for u :-)

Trafford1 x

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Thanks, getting mum involved as well :)


My hubby saw I got a bike and went out and bought one too LOL. It's great and we push each other that bit further so well done to your mum getting involved you will both do great :-)


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