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Bmi of 39


I started this 7 months ago and failed miserably gave up after two weeks . I have come back as am so fed up with my weight I eat Cos I get bored,stressed and for comfort to the point that I feel sick when I have over eaten . I'm off on holiday in 8 wks And would like my clothes to fit better. I am determined to give this a good go unlike last time and would welcome any help or advice.

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Welcome back to the group i think weve all failed at dieting at some point but you sound really determined this time and with a goal to aim towards should help keep you more on track. Try the nhs 12 week plan its great to get you started

Stay strong you can do this :-)


Hi Helbels,

Everybody who has ever tried dieting will have failed at some point for a variety of reasons. From the experience I have had working with clients, I have found that one major contributor in the failing of sticking to diets is the fact that they are too prescriptive - by that, I mean many require stringent following that just does not fit with normal life. Therefore, I still recommend calorie counting as the best way for weight loss. Get yourself the free app, my fitness pal (www.myfitnesspal.com) which is a great way for you to actively see how much food you are consuming. Being aware of what you are eating will make a huge difference! Try lowering your carbohydrate intake, particularly sugars if you have a sedentary lifestyle and eating more protein will help with staving off hunger.

Secondly, try and do some exercise. Exercise and diet go hand in hand and you really will reap the rewards of doing the both together. If you visit my website envigour.co.uk you will find loads of articles that may help you. We also provide 8 week fitness programmes geared towards your personal goals and bespoke to your resources i.e. we can provide you with a fitness programme that doesn't necessarily require you to go to the gym and it doesn't break the bank! We aim to equip our clients with the tools to succeed and this includes making that jump for behaviour change. We have free articles, an online magazine for a small monthly charge, or a full programme which will give you everything you need to succeed.

I hope this helps and if you have any further questions, give me a shout.




Enjoy any changes you do make!

Try replacing all processed food with real, whole-foods.

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Dont look back. Look forward. It wasn't meant for you to be skinny before. Now is your time! Lets do this together. I too have badly slipped. Starting here with healthy eating and exercise.


Thanks for all your support x


As you seem to be emotionally eating you could try hypnotherapy- this deals with that part of you that keeps old habits in place. We all create our own habits, often these are useful. However, if you want to change them and there are emotional undercurrents, ( comfort, stress, boredom etc., ) these emotions are what glues the habits in place. Sometimes this can be really hard to shift just on a conscious decision making level. Consciously we are logical, but that subconscious part overrules conscious logic. It runs your habits and has no logic, you have literally trained and hypnotised yourself to overeat under certain circumstances. So that`s why you do things that you don`t really want to but it seems almost as though you are out of control....welcome to email ivertherapy@gmail.com if you need to know more so you understand the advantages of this hypnosis option.


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