Too ashamed

I didn't go to the weigh in on Friday, I was too nervous. One the bright side I have been more thoughtful with what I am eating. I don't think a normally diet will suit me, as I find the more I say no to chocolate the more I want it, and yet when I buy a multipack and eat one the others are not taunting me, however if it was a much cheaper bigger bar I feel like abit of OCD would kick in and I'd have to just simple finish it all. Crazy right. And yet when I have chocolate infront of me unopened and I'm allowing myself to have it, I simple don't panic. I can be like it's there it's not going anywhere there is no rush.

I'm addicted.


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  • How about just buying a small bar? I changed to eating dark chocolate and I don't eat too much of that. Addictions can be broken so try to cut back on all sweets, cakes, chocolate, etc and the cravings might not be so intense then. People give up smoking, alcohol and other things and I'm sure that must be more difficult. It is hard I know but you don't want to be like this forever so do it now. The longer you leave it the harder it will be. Keep in touch. :)

  • Oh no, I've been brilliant with chocolate, I was giving an example why I can't buy the big bars that one would pick at over a few days. Food is different as we need it to live and it's so easy to have access to, I mean you couldn't drink alcohol or smoke on public transport. But a sandwich for example yum yum yum lol.

  • Hi , I have an answer you might like.

    You can have chocolate but let's change the type. Spoil yourself with chocolate from it is expensive.

    Buy a box for about 24 pounds. Pick the type and keep in the fridge. Now everyday you do some excercise. Ever if it just walk a mile. You can have one chocolate. This way you mix it in with your diet. It will not hurt your diet and your still lose weight.

  • I'm actually really fussy when it comes to chocolate, I just looked on the website and it is just normally chocolate. I'd be worried as I know a box would be easy to keep picking at, also I'd only buy My more expensive if it was healthy, loss calories or something, thank you for your advice.

  • It's psychological really. Because it is expensive. Would you really eat 5 pounds of chocolate in a minute? So we eat

    Less. But your right it's not healthier it's just psychology.

  • Oh right, yes I see what you did there. I was completely confused before. Have you ever tried thoughtful eating, I tried it once and I eat a simple cupcake but it was amazing, you look at it and smell it so your mind process it were as normally sweets and chocolate and just chewed down quickly in excitement, this way it gives your brain enough time to realise what you are eating and makes it enjoyable. Best do it in private as you would look abit funny sniffing something in public lol :)

  • I was a ridiculous chocaholic, in my work there's a vending machine stocked full of the usual goodies. Sometimes I'd buy 3 bars and eat them back to back. Once I started the couch to 5k and realised I wanted to get healthy I realised I had to stop eating chocolate or there's no point . You have to cut out the sugar, does get easier. I used to not bring money to work so I couldn't use the vending machine so I couldn't be tempted. Now I can bring in money but my will power is stronger. If I can do it-so can you. The thing is, don't deny yourself anything, just cut back until you get to the point that you feel better for not having chocolate. I took 3 sugars in my tea, all my life, etc. So I have a ridiculous sweet tooth so just take your time, look at the bigger picture and you'll do it...I promise - Good luck and stick does get easier xx

  • Totally agree with this, if I deny myself something then I've just put my foot on the path to a binge at a later date, I never buy anything big in case I eat it all but buying one (of whatever it is), sitting down and enjoying it without making myself feel guilty takes away that craving. If its allowed then the desperate craving goes away, I have it and enjoy it and move on.

  • Yes, never deny yourself anything, just always in moderation. I will buy a wispa and half it. Ideally I'd rather not eat chocolate at all but I know that I've definitely changed my eating habits for the better.

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