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Day 2

Not feeling quite so enthusiastic today but still going. The weather hasn't helped and my leisurely hour long walk quickly turned into rush to get home and out of the wind!!

Steak and salad wraps tonight for dinner, loads of salad and not much steak. Mmmm.

Off to do some strength exercises now, at least I don't have to go outside.

Good luck to all, keep going. X

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Sounds like you are doing brilliantly! Rotten weather does not facilitate the morale or the outdoor exercise but the fact that you are doing exercises indoors and have a healthy dinner planned shows you can stay on track regardless. Keep going!


Managed three press ups then had to rethink. Now doing them upright and against the wall!


Well done for braving the weather. Sadly, if you're in the UK and want to walk for exercise you will have to get used to it. But you can, honestly. I hated walking to the car in the rain but now I walk come rain or shine and kept going in the bitter cold. It is amazing how my attitude has changed over the last few months. Good luck!


I'm the same it doesn't matter what the weather is like now i'm out in it but takes me ages to dry the dog off afterwards.

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