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End of week 8 = 1 stone lost :)

I am so pleased to have lost 1 stone, only 3 more to go LOL.

When I started this journey, I really hoped I would lose 1 stone in about 5 weeks, however I know where I went wrong and it was because I took my eye of the game over Easter and didn't walk, run or really count calories.

I got back on the wagon once I realised I wasn't progressing and am pleased to say that I have now lost 1 stone which has put my BMI at 30.

Its funny when I reflect on old bad habits which 3 months ago would of been my norm - for example, there is a John Lewis where I live and they occasionally send out vouchers for free coffee and cake - well, I was always in there "getting my money's worth!" so to speak - when you look at it logically, all I was doing was ensuring that I put on weight ... for free!

This last week, I had one of the fateful vouchers and I was meeting a friend - this time, I had the coffee and cake, but had the cake to go and gave it to my 2 daughters to share instead - this is a big change for me and I think I am getting to the crux of why I have steadily put on weight over the years.

Its hard work as I have to continually think about why I want a certain food item and then rationalise if I need it or not, but I'm hoping that as I progress this will become my new normal!

Good luck to everyone on here, I love reading the posts - all very motivating and inspiring :)

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Brilliant, well done you. Sounds like you are slowly changing your relationship with food which I guess that's what 99% of us here need to do.

I'm just starting on my journey, but I'd be delighted with 1st in 8 weeks as I'm sure that means it won't go back on.

Keep updating please, it's a real motivation to read your progress.


Well done, keep up the good work 🌼


Congrats! Your progress is great, a stone in 8 weeks! You are changing your lifestyle and it's a great example for your daughters too!


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