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starting on easter weekend

suddenly thinking, why did I even start the nhs plan on easter weekend, yet I am proud because I have eaten a lot less chocolate than I normally would, and nearly managed to stick to the plan, and I've stayed the same this week, so I am heading in the right direction. At least I know I can definitely stick to it this week, so hopefully next week I will start losing weight! starting inviting people to my 21st birthday now so that's the date I'm aiming to have lost the weight I want. I have done this plan before now and its worked, just need to get back in the swing of it. Hope your all doing well! :-)

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If you hadn't started you would have gained some weight so good for you that you didn't. I relaxed after completing my 12 weeks and gained 2.2 lbs! Hopefully this week they'll be gone. Working on it, :)

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