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3 day progress

I am doing ok so far i am understanding the mental control needed cause when i am out with friends i sometimes feel like having something not as healthy but i am try to remember the reasons why i am doing this. Any tips for resisting temptation? And i am not sure about others but i have a really bad habit of eating food while watching stuff so i am try to eat at the table or without the tv on.

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if i,m out where food is easy to get hold of i always take some almond nuts with me and have 3 or four at a time if i feel i want the food on offer of corse this only helps if your out for drinks not a meal


thanks for the tip


If your going out for a meal drink plenty of water and eat light snack before hand as it will help you feel fuller so your not tempted by big massive meals, and if you do try not to eat it all as restaurant portions are huge. But remember if you do decide to have a slightly unhealthier option you can always plan it in your calories or do some exercise before you go and the day after to counteract it. I find if i stay away from alcohol i dont pick as much when im out




It depends on your personality, and how often you are out for meals with friends, but I tend to just eat what I want and enjoy the meal. If you choose to do that, you just have to mindful that you don't go too far over your daily calorie count and you won't be putting on weight - just not losing it either. Then on the days after it, you can adjust your diet to 'catch up' with the extra calories, or do more exercise.

My opinion is that a diet should enable you to enjoy things like meals out and time spent with friends, not make you full of guilt and fear. It's a personal thing though, and it won't work if you're out with friends several times a week.

Best of luck.

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i dont go out too often but since i am still on my holiday from uni i am meeting up with friends few times a week. Like yesterday i went out but i had a vegetable pasty which i think was a better option than a doughnut or eclair. Thanks for the advice


Yeah, this time of year is difficult for all sorts of reasons, haha. Just stick at it and you'll get there!


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