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Today I had less than 1000 Cal is that alright. I'm overweight, and I'm following the couch to 5k plan as well, this is my third week, and I'm doing fine. I've lost almost 4 kgs.

I try to eat fruits and vegetables all the time, and drinking a lot of water.

is it wrong to go with less than 1000 calories a day?

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I am on 1000 calories a day as well, I don't know what's the implication will be in the long term, but for now I am doing ok. But this afternoon I fall off the wagon . I have two bakewell tart. I am feeling really guilty now.

Are you feeling tired. What are you eating for 1000 calories ?

See my reply.

Hi zeidan,

I would say that you're taking your calorie input down too low. Read the NHS Choices live well lose weight web pages and look at their recommendations and advice. It's all there and doesn't cost you a penny.

Remember - especially when you are on a weight-loss programme - you need to take in the full range of nutrients in order for your body to function optimally. Now whilst it may well be the case if you are overweight that you have been taking in too much sugar and fat, your body still needs some sugars and fats as well as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and all sorts of other things too.

If you're only eating 1000 calories a day, it gets pretty hard to ensure that you are taking in a fully nutritional food intake.

Yes, there are things called Very Low Calorie diets, but they should only be undertaken under medical supervision, or they can actually make you quite ill and even dangerously so.

If you've lost 4 kilos in three weeks, then you are losing weight too quickly. Aim for 1 to 2 lbs a week on average, or a maximum of 1 kg (2.2 lbs) a week on average. If you had lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks you'd be right at the top for rate of weight loss.

Losing weight too quickly will not do you any favours. At best, it will probably just leave you feeling tired and listless and probably with a headache at least in the short-term. In the long term it will probably cause a number of issues due to poor nutrition.

zeidan in reply to returner

Thanks a lot, actually it was just difficult for me to cook and get healthy food, that's why I preferred not to eat at all.

I've had a sushi meal last night with my wife, with a Thai dish as well, and I feel guilty now! it was a lot of food :(

I'll try to stick to the nhs plan again, with couch to 5k.

thanks again

That's not a good idea at all as you won't be getting sufficient nutrition over the course of each week. I lost the weight I needed to (three stone) with the 5:2 diet thefastdiet.co.uk/how-many-... which is 500 calories (600 for men) two non-consecutive days a week and you eat up to your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) on the other days.

It really does work and is far more sensible, as well as reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes and dementia.

Watch this little video which explains it youtu.be/W9Aj6hRYg4A

There's an excellent book by Kate Harrison called The 5:2 Diet and there are Facebook groups as well for motivation.

Apart from anything else, a very low calorie diet is not sustainable in the long-run and there's always a danger that when you stop 'dieting' the weight will pile back on as quickly as you lost it - the typical yoyo diet. Once I'd got to the weight I wanted to I now maintain by just 'fasting' one day a week and I've been doing that since April 2013.

Pigivi in reply to gingernut49

I vouch for this!! It's amazing - and add the running to that... I am only doing 1 day a week on 500 cal and one other about 700 and keep losing steadily! Thanks again Ginger for setting me on the 5:2 road !

zeidan in reply to Pigivi

That's good, good luck. I'm actually dieting for the first time in my life, so I have no previous experiences, all I want is lose some kilos and be active. I'm not obese or anything, and I look fine because I'm tall, but because of the extra kilos I have I don't feel good about myself, and I want to change and have a healthy lifestyle.


Always consult a professional when it comes to your health. Make sure you still get the nutrition that your body needs. As you work your way to becoming fit, it is good to keep your body healthy and hydrated. So far, you're doing good. 1000 calories is okay but if it keeps going for long then it's bad for the body. Take supplements to sustain your body nutrients.

Hi folks,

You might like to look at this, which I would say is pretty good general advice in respect of calories per day.


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