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Struggling to keep motivated

Hi, I have been doing real well and eating resonably good and exercising every day, and I had a reasonable date and reason for my weight loss and planned to lose 1 stone in 2.5 months to be ready for my friends birthday night out in December, so I could buy something pretty to wear and feel confident in it. But now I've been told I have to wear fancy dress outfit at Halloween for my job in a bar.

I am a very insecure person and don't like change, the idea of having to step into the building in anything but my uniform scares me never mind fancy dress where I know it will just show off even more how fat I am and have no fashion sense, and I know I can't lose enough weight in that time to buy something pretty.

So now I feel dis-heartened and am eating cake and chips at work that are going free and going straight to bed when I get home from work. Any tips on getting back on track when every day I try to do good and I just give up because what's the point I will still be fat by Halloween and also because like most of you I comfort eat. And getting to eat a tasty dinner when I come home makes me feel safer and happier.

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Black is always very slimming, so how about black trousers, black polo neck and face paints! A cat, a witch, a pumpkin. The choices are all there, just please have a good friend who can paint it on for you!!!

You will be just fine so no panic, take a deep breath and tell yourself it's not a problem.

Perhaps you can post us a photo of the finished effect.

By the way, bet you only feel happy while you're eating your tasty dinner but afterwards you're not so happy! Slimming meals can be equally tasty, so come on girl, you CAN beat this. Do it for you. Good luck X


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