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Motivate each other

Hey everyone,

I'm 28 years old and currently weigh 15st 5lbs. I lost 3lbs this week :)

I have created a private group on facebook for a place to share tips, recipes and to motivate each other. It's purely to discuss a healthy lifestyle and no fad diets allowed (we've all tried them before!).

I have been a member of one before when I tried JuicePlus and they are really good for motivation.

If anyone wants to join here is the link - facebook.com/groups/friends...

The group is called - Today I Make Friends With Salad

I only created it yesterday so it is very new.

Good luck everyone!

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Sounds like a good idea, I've requested to join :-)


I have just done it to good idea


i would love to join your group but you may think i'm to old. i've struggled with weight issues all my life but am determined to make myself happy and enjoy life. think the experiences and support would really help


No one is old enough and everyone is welcome :)


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