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Week 3 summary

Tuesday badminton was awesome survived all 4 hours of he training camp decided to have a really good rest as I felt my quads were tight. Come Thursdays session sods bloody law, I get shin splints instantly the moment I started the jog warm up...I continued on, we did side lunges, then jumping on each tram line down the hall...then adding twists to the jumps and 3/4 in I had to pull out coz of the pain.

I sat out for the next 40mins and when I joined back in, they were doing singles defense vs 3 players...so basically you play a 1v3 so is killed me further but I kept on going and completed the 2 hours but had to pull out of the second 2 hours in afternoon.

Instantly I went to food! See I might be sporty but here's my problem, anyways a Thursday dominoes garlic bread, chicken, Coke and few slices, then on fri I rested eating the rest of the pizza for fri lunch/dinner and I stayed up till like 4am and got a burger like 10pm to watch an American show I follow. This is how I binge..I eat healthy and exercise for 6 days and just one day of feeling crap turns away all progress!

Scales on sat (today) shows 2.5lb gain in 2days! So off to the gym at 12 dispite shin splints. This me when focused.

Warmup 10 min eliptical trainer on hills program 6 changed to 10 on the 8th minute

Leg press 30kg 8x for warm up

Working sets 131kg x2

141 x1


151kg x1 (if you follow my progress this is 30kg higher than when I started 6 weeks ago.

3x sets on hamstrings up to 40kg (10kg higher)

Lateral/frontal raises x10 3 sets (5,4 and 3kg tapers)

Bicep curls x2 12.5kg (only 2 coz meant to be leg day!)

Weight calf raises no rest single leg 40kg to failure x3 sets on failure I did 2 legs to failure then I rested and repeated. When I was done I out weight up to 80kg and did double legs till failure x3

Inverted ab crunch bench 15x2

Tricep pull downs 8x2 (30kg I did try 35 but had to out back down on 2nd set)

Cardio treadmill 20mins @8.1 with 1% incline

Up incline 1% for every minute run until 5% max incline then up speed gradually to 9.5 till failure....

Reduced I back to jog then walk speed 4.5 rest 1.5 minutes 0 incline

Up to 9.5 speed every 30 seconds add 1% incline at 5% up speed to 11.5 until failure..

3.7 miles in 29 minutes man felt awesome! Shin splints only hurt first 5 mins I defo felt it walking home doing 2 steps at time must rest!

I know long post, but I really needed to work my ass off for my binge and I'm not exactly unfit so if I binge and cnt keep it off I really hope you all don't binge anywhere near mine coz it's so so hard to get off again. Lil tip to look scary when running, there is a mirror ;) I looked at my sports logo and didn't take my eye off it on shirt for 20 mins when I was pushing super hard just stare at yourself...coz it's that b*****d staring back at you that stops you accomplishing your goals and you see exactly what you want/need to change. Looking at myself really makes me run hard coz I know what I used to look like..

End of week 3

P.s tip for treadmills, run on 1% inclines as it will mimic outdoor wind resistance. This is why running on a 0 treadmill is so easy it feels your running downhill.

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wow what a workout! I would take your tip on board but If tried to focus on anything on my t-shirt whilst working out I'd go dizzy due to vast amounts of jiggling! I can not wait for when I have lost enough weight to get a decent sports bra!. I have to leave take out well alone as once I start I don't stop until my tummy actually hurts!! I know it says don't ban anything but I don't really miss out as I got a Hairy Biker diet cook book for my birthday (April) which I opened (4months later) And tried the recipes they do several nice curries that I've tried and I've froze some so time not excuse as I can bung it in microwave and enjoy! I am learning as I am not a good cook but take my advice lower the chilli's a bit those boys like it HOT! unless you like it that way but first batch I cooked made my eyes and nose run like crazy!


I always cook with chilli and marinade my chicken in hot chilli sauce over night before I go cook my stirfrys ;) hey if you can eat the food you want in reduced calories and fat versions then by all means who is to stop you. It's a great alternative ofc, but I would still just try to limit it abit. Especially after seeing my nutrition wall at uni outside the gym...comparing what you can eat for 200 calories! 2-4 slices I of bread or 1490 sticks of celery lol it's all about smarter choices :)

Yeah it was a killer workout I was in gym for just under 3 hours, (had a stretching session after too). I think the instant weight gain I put on was all the extre carbs retaining water as today I'm weighing 13:08 I didn't eat too much yesterday either though tuna sweet corn wrap for lunch and dinner was fish chips and beans (had to use them up) so today it will be fish chips and mixed veg (my chips are almost all gone then it will be fish sweet potato and veg) I think I only ate like 1000 calories On the day I did that gym session.i felt hungry at 9 but hey I jus went to bed at 10 easy :)

O another tip that I have just found out, I like my tuna wraps I think it's a pretty good way to eat fish/tuna but I recently bought tuna in brine instead of sunflower oil. It takes slightly more dry (I put 2 tbs of light mayo in anyways) and it's 80 calories less than the oil versions. So iv now found a nice substitute so that will burn 8lbs of fat a year just that change :)


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