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Enjoying it!

Just a quick update to encourage other newbies day 3 on the program, I am at 6kms and introducing strengthening. I have been under the MyFitnessPal calorie recommendation of 1260 per day. Largely due to the excersise I am completing as this allows a generous amount of calories free end day for a supper and treat, which is great. I have not lost weight but already my measurements have changed. Expecting weight gain for the next bit because I am exercising - Loving the calorie awareness (NEW thing for me) stick at it newbies we will get there :) Best of encouragement to everyone

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1260 calories doesn't sound very much and makes me wonder how you having treats at the end of the day. I was told not to take off the exercise calories in my allowance, as this doesn't encourage healthy eating. Rather, it encourages snacking and compensatory food so maybe that is why you haven't lost any weight.

However, you so seem to be getting lots of exercise so that's great- well done, as it is something I still have to work on!

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Hi KarenBelow,

I'd agree with loobyloo222, sounds like you're taking in too little food/nutrition overall if your calorie intake is that low. Do always remember, it's about the fats and sugars and therefore the calories, not about reducing all the other nutrients that your body needs.

Perhaps look at nuts, but in small quantities. They contain a great range of nutrients.

But do watch out, because they are pretty calorific - so if you were looking for a snack of about 100 kcal, a couple of brazil nuts, three almonds and a cashew or two and you're there (or maybe even over the 100 kcal mark).


Thanks ladies my treats are a hot choc made at home and an apple with cinnamon plenty of calories free for my treat and I'm enjoying it


Oh forgot to share im actually focused on FAT loss not WEIGHT loss my trainer has encouraged me to make sure I know the difference hence the fact im no longer worried about the fact im not losing because im losing in my measurements all over except my dominant arm which stayed the same (no surprise there!) I'm to expect weight gain in some instances while I transition. Definitely loving the changes in awareness and daily routine its awesome - up at 5am weekdays so motivated ...off to the gym now ladies enjoy your low calorie day


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