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Just been reading up on calories and to my delight have listed 2 pages of healthy foods which i love and are easy to prepare. I have swotted up on fruit and veggies ( I am a veggie who does not like vegetables but now am converted), lower fat cheese options and lower cal pasta and potato options. fingers crossed. gonna get creative in the kitchen!

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Go for it :-) Hairy Biker's diet books have lovely recipes. I really love the salmon and ginger one.


many thanks. guess where my christmas money is going this year !!


I'd thoroughly recommend the free MyFitnessPal app - and then log everything that passes your lips. It even has a bar-code reader. And, yes, the Hairy Dieters' recipes are amazing!

I lost three stone on the 5:2 Diet where you only eat 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week - it's much easier than it sounds, especially if you save your calories for an evening meal and just have low calorie drinks (such as water, black coffee, herbal tea, oxo drinks) during the day.


Glad to hear you have been converted to vegetables! I need to keep my carbs low to lose any weight. Rather than eating pasta I have 'ribbons' of courgette, and chopped cauliflower instead of potato.

Enjoy your cooking.


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