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New BMI calculator works out how many calories you need to lose weight

Find out what your daily calorie intake should be if you're trying to lose weight:

The all-new BMI calculator from NHS Choices:


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Thanks, this does part imperial, part metric if you need to, using a metric height gives a clearer BMI


many thanks


Interesting. This implies I only need to lose 0.8kgs to hit healthy weight (ie that's the difference between my overweight now and what it says is the top weight... which is 0.8-1kg higher than the figures I've used in the past.... but how much weight does it actually suggest losing? 10.2kgs! (To put me in the middle of the range) It is a little dispiriting TBH even though I know perfectly well that I need to lose more than 0.8kgs and I need to work on strengthening my core muscles as there's still inches of pinch and a fair bit of wobble round my middle... plus needing wiggle room for high days, holidays and periods when exercise is more difficulty due to illness.

I quite like it, but beware folks!


If you are below 25 it doesnt show you anything else about weight and calories, so I have just doctored my weight = 5lbs and I see what you mean it said if I lost 1st 9lbs it would put me in the middle of the healthy range


I see this still uses the old formula for calculating BMI, do you think the NHS will ever adopt the more up to date/accurate system in the near future?


Great tool - this is just what I needed


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