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I am on that yoyo and going in the wrong direction

Since the upheaval of the building work, its all gone to pot and I am angry with myself big time. Still showing an overall loss of just 4lbs - I have gained over half a stone in the last 2 months. On holiday for two weeks now so just not in the right mindset to resume the plan. This heat doesn't help either, have no energy to exercise and my breathing is a little tight too so not taking any risks. Its all I can do to do a little housework in the evenings when its cooler.

My knees are bad again (amazing that just half a stone made so much difference to them) so I cannot let this apathy go on for too long.

Lol! I think I have just convinced myself to start again!

I think I may ignore my own advice and follow the Slimfast plan for a week to kickstart my weightloss and get some much needed relief for my knees. Yes, I know the big weightloss in the first week of Slimfast is just fluid loss but, 'big whoop for fluid' if the weightloss helps my knees, who gives a damn.

Rant over, now I just need to choose vanilla or chocolate?

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Hi - know where you're coming from as I've slid down the slippery slope many times and the hardest part is just drawing the line and starting again but once you do it, you feel so much better :-)


we all have our ups and downs just think if you had not shifted the weight in the first place you would be a stone heavier - dont beat yourself up about it


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