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Weight Loss and Running

Quick post about how running might help your weight loss journey or it might be helpful to keep you motivated.

I started running primarily as a weight loss tool but found I just enjoyed running in its own right.

Weight loss has a big component in nutrition - for some the running is a the main event for some running takes the pressure off their nutrition and allows greater freedom.

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could not agree more! when you manage to get some miles under your belt weight loss does become easier BUT I found it difficult to keep to realistic expectations of what weight loss would be achieved with running when I first started out.

I did the NHS couch to 5K program to the end , when I started I was buring 220 calories a run , now I am managing 450 so that makes a real difference.

Hope you enjoy the running and are not too bothered by this heat :)

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hi Lingmell

You are right the big rewards in weight control terms come only when you can go further or faster BUT it means that starting walking or running is so worthwhile.

In addition the other benefits are huge too.

I made a dent in weight management through running but it opened up many other avenues - some more powerful in weight control terms.

I think exercise is a "gateway" too to thinking about nutrition. While I respect everyone's views when I hear what some people will and will not consider I always refer them to the "stages of change model".

There are people who despite massive physical barriers have achieved great things. They are very selective about their "choices" as they are so limited to start with.


Hi folks - as someone in Day 1 of Week 3 of C25K programme, I'm at that stage when running is as exciting as a new hobby in life. Doing it slow and easy as Laura suggests in the podcast is making it a lot more manageable and "doable" than all other programmes I've tried (and only partly succeeded) in life. I'm looking forward to using this as a gateway to thinking about appropriate nutrition and getting closer to weight goals as well. I need to lose at least 20 kgs to get close to my ideal weight. Posts such as yours are a guide and an inspiration.

Thanks - G


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