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Day 7 - Lizbee and the those crazy come and go 2-3lbs

I appear to be 2-3lbs down after a week and I say 'appear' because these pounds seem to come and go as they please on a daily basis whatever I do or don't do in the all round fitness game. I guess it's because as a few folk have kindly pointed out my body is adjusting to the new regime of regular exercise (managed another 30 mins at the gym yesterday) and drinking lots more water (and possibly retaining some more of it than usual) so fluctuations should be expected.

But still it's a mystery knowing whether they'll be there or not when I step on the scales - And it's always precisely the same amount = 2-3 lbs every time - wierd or what...

Anyway here's to hopefully the next 2-3lbs loss in week two TTFN :)


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Hi Lizbee, just go by what it says on the scales after the week. This is only the beginning of week 3 for me this time but I've watched my weight the majority of my adult life. I tend to weigh in at the same time every week wearing exactly the same clothing (ie not much !!) and take it from there. Here's to us all doing well and making the positive changes for life for a healthier life :)


Thanks forthis tigger :) x


Weight yourself once a week. The same day the same time. I do every day but I do it mostly to check if I hold water and to figure out why. More carbs, more salt etc. If it's affecting your mentality I wouldn't do that. Just once a week


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