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NHS England: A Call to Action
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Who is Responsible for NHS Crisis UK - Urgent ?

To: Matt Hancock , Minister for Health , Cabinet Office ,NHS Executive .Pharmaceutical Executive . Ministry Of Justice - Public

Who is Responsible for NHS Crisis UK - Urgent ?


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Julie Shrive

Who is Responsible for NHS Crisis UK - Urgent ?

If the GP/ specialist gives/changes an antibiotics it/they need to be taken at once, not have to wait for the next weekly/2 weekly [ if holiday time] to access as waiting for the delivery of a dosset box when could involve the Vulnerable unaware this is happening !

Surely groups of pharmacies could employ one person & van to ensure those in local area aren't left waiting weeks [ like the refuse/recycling] -when health compromised .

By checking procedures & policies have inbuilt discretion administered by those who can apply it , surely much wastage of life, finances & time can be avoided .

Why is this important?

By Doctors not taking Hippocratic Oaths they are now able to cast a blind eye, when must know situation is not only health & safety risk but downright dangerous?! This is Corporate/Governmental greed !

Surely the Commitees' meetings should be addressing this URGENT issue not allowing anyone raising this issues to be victimised with no delivery ? This has happened to me 3-4x now with pharmacies & over 10 [ in 5 yrs] GP Surgeries saying not Testing or Referring knowing have had Disabilities found & Cardiac Arrest [ heart failure] - Since 1970s Restructure -CUTS

Shouldn't they have seen this isn't occurring rather than ignore for economy's sake .

I raised this years ago a number of times & still it is happening despite forever having to change surgeries because unsafe [ there are other issues too] with GP surgeries wasting more time often 3-4 days at holiday time deliberately by employing temporary p/t to direct them also temporary p/t on CCGs directed by Employers LAs .

They, [GP /Dental / Hospital Admin] are also in charge of Access ie; Appts at GPs & Hospitals Blocking ACCESS to Tertiary/Research Sector .No longer Confidential ?! They appear to Refer not using ones medical history & predisposition[ genetics] or knowledge - GPs have no Specialism ? Shouldn't Research be done at square 1?

This is causing our safety to be at severe risk of sepsis.

Julie Shrive 71 yrs potential bed blocker if do not rot in bed as single/solo no Integrated Services or Personal Health Budget [ I wonder why?}

NB from Family of pharmacists - MA 2004 on which dyspraxia found after targetting Function to cut employment another LA - ignoring classic Heart Failure symptons caused by stress of no antibiotics on disability found 1969 .

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My dept has closed a crises team in Sefton so now help for anyone if you have mental health problems.

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