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NHS England: A Call to Action
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30 yo Male - Cancer Survivor, MA project - NHS Questionnaire

Hi, my first online forum and I come with a purpose.

I'm a 30 year old professional and last year was diagnosed with testiclar cancer. To keep this short, I worked fulltime throughout my treatment but had to defer my MA as I freelance and had bills to pay.

Thanksfully I've picked it up again and for my project I'm looking at ways in which the NHS can streamline services and make medium to long term savings by utilising technologies concurrent in 2017, my idea - a Patient Portal and a separate Medical Professional Portal. Both highly secure and giving realtime information and past medical history. I know there are some pilots that have stopped and started.

Having been through the stages of finding a lump or abnormality, my initial GP appointment through to remission, I found that I suffered a lot of anxiety, mainly not knowing where I was in relations to receiving test results to not knowing when my next appointment was and which hositial or dapartment.

There were numerous occassions when I'd receive appointment letters after the appointment.

Back to my main point. I have 2 questionnaires I'd appreciate if you could spare 10 minutes to fill out.

Patient Questionnaire:


Medical Professional Questionnaire:


It would be extremely useful if there are any medical professional in the London area I could get in contact with for further research for this part of my project. Please leave details on the final question comments box.

Many thanks!

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I'm of course open to discussing my illness and treatment on this forum as I'd like to pass on my experience.


I have been on about this since 1996 when first went to Jeremy Corbyn having had antibiotics withheld ??!! We cannot do anything as system has been corrupted as we are individuals in a non democratic society with no fair reasonable intervention like his PAs directed by LA & strict protocol ? Most organisations don’t have Head Offices only Inquiry Lines even the Charities discriminate with copied systems ? The corrupted policies & procedures re: negligent operation of own NHS Constitution ?Not monitored enforced by those in charge or our well being & protection .

Surely you realise that Hillsborough, Rochdale & Grenfell confirm the lack of responsibility & ethics & URGENCY in system overseen by the Government decentralising controlling via funding . So the system of operation ethically anarchaic with the police & LAs not protecting us upholding the status quo as why cannot I get legal help from them or privately not following our own laws & NHS Constitution? Why when asked to send a copy of what recording refuse as do most call handlers do not operate or record fairly on remits & contracts especially if there are mistakes & issues they blame to keep their noses clean via underground online system betraying security & Confidentiality.Now Drs become part of this allowing admin to direct as p/t especially with Referrals directed not to do or named Dr on the letters???!!!Even with 2 week rule which should have been May [ 2 week rule?}

If the NHS wants more money why don’t they take it if there are people dying or in danger NB statistics compared to Europe re: success with treatment Cancer catching it early access anything else ignore? My Late Fathe pharmacist knew this in the 1970s extending his life by 30 yrs because caught prostrate cancer early .You can’t do that now?

They already trap us daily by their disgraceful parking/driving enforcement they have franchised out to .

They have devised Health to have no ethos of patient orientated Research using Tests & Symptoms .They have allowed the ethos of ignoring & blaming the chronic so don’t have to enable Social services- setting us up as bbed blockers .

Otherwise why ignore symptoms. & direct to not Test or research [ patient orientated] even when done Privately where most go NHS GPs[ most p/t] also work referring to each other to not get second opinion.They no longer are in control..

There is only a backlog because it is so badly organised & summer & xmas holidays with poor/no cover.NB I spent from 12 - 9 waiting at A&E Royal Free before Xmas they weren’t that busy .Yet never gave results ,sent for Rapid Heart Access Duty doctor or have followed up since.with results & Plans yet called back to block again.What did Hampstead & Highgate Express do re : elderly Asian man begging for help there 15x as well.In the end tried to help him?

Consequently having to move from GP surgery again as I am not safe anywhere with no Testing , Urgent referral , Rationing or recognition of disability . GPs have said not taught about disability or specialisms in medical school? and the others from abroad say their hands are tied as regards sepsis ? .If they took the Hippocratic oath would this still be happening .Surely they are not allowed to choose?


...female 71yrs, solo /single disabled ..... - status Vulnerable yet ignored not protected


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