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NHS Number

My son was born in France and he arrived in the UK about two months ago. So, I registered him with our local GP as soon as he arrived, but he has not received an NHS number yet every time I call our local GP they say the number has not been generated on their system yet and they can not do anything with this.

I'm really facing a problem when I try making an appointment for my son.

It would be appreciated.


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The NHS numbers are generated by a system that's shared between England, Wales and the Isle of Man, and possibly therefore, it may be a little while before your son's appears on the 'system'. The surgery don't sound as if they are surprised that he has no number now, so next visit, just ask how long it normally takes for a number to be generated, if your son still appears not to have one.

It is the case that the GP surgery begins the process of registration and the fact that your son has not yet received his, should be no impediment to his receiving treatment in the meantime.

I can understand your worry and frustration and, if there is no automatic resolution to this, you should place the onus firmly back on the GP surgery to do what's necessary to get your son his NHS number. This should not be your worry.


Thanks, Callendersgal!

They say that they have no idea how long it will take, but my wife got it like within a week.

I could not book BCG appointment for my son without an NHS number.



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