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NHS England: A Call to Action
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The IFO Commissioner employs the same set up with same types who do not question or investigate just follow blindly what directed to do & say on remits.

Why wouldn't they record the health & safety issues regarding the restorative & their rules on sedation .Where anaethetists don't want the risk not even in Europe for implants yet the NHS makes rules yet cannot provide for the care .So discriminates via access & delay .That is why the Dentist said did not want to treat anymore as was questioning why said too complex yet it was routine.Does that mean students & gas & air to which I am allergic. Why are imnplants regarded as cosmetic when restorative & can be a problem with congenital cellulitus.Mother with multi infart dementia had the same problems.

And what about the confidential Records you can't see change discuss sign it is a true record .Do they want to know .I suspect not as went 6 yrs ago & since they were set up inappropriately .Are we guinea pigs neglect [ Watchful Waiting] then get the records on death as that what Alzheimers charity says.You can donate your brain.Too late then.

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