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Athletes foot

Has anyone over 60 found a reliable Athletes Foot cure as we oldies are apparently not allowed to buy Canesten any more? I'm told this rule is because over 60s don't get vaginal thrush, but, as a man, its not really been much of a problem for me at any age. Athletes Foot, on the other hand, is, possibly be ause my diabetic wife does suffer from vaginal thrush, and I'm told the same fungus causes both. Help, please!

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It is, according to Boots (the Chemist), that pharmacies are only licenced to sell the 2% Canesten for thrush to the under 60s. I've been caught by this myself, but only in Boots! Their counter assistants always seem to have been trained by Attila the Hun anyway!

1% Cansesten, which is for Athletes' foot is still available off the shelf, or over the counter, to anyone (except maybe at Boots), so go to another pharmacy or even a large supermarket selling medications.

When I was stopped from buying 2% Canesten, I helped myself by proclaiming loudly that I would go to another pharmacy and lie about my age, something I didn't actually have to do as an alternate pharmacy happily sold it to me without comment.

So, for this time just buy the 1% Canesten cream off the shelf, and next time you go to the doc, tell him/her of your difficulty and get the darned stuff on prescription, and that'll end your difficulty permanently.

You could also of course always get someone else to buy it!

And of course you can get any form of thrush at any age!

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Many thanks Callendersgal. The whole thing seems like an almighty screw up. As it happens, I followed a similar path to you and got my daughter to go into an independent pharmacy armed with a few "stretched truths" about who the Canesten was for. As it happens, no questions were asked, so I've got my Canesten and no more Athletes Foot, for the time being anyway.

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I get Daktarin Cream on prescription and it works well for me.

Boots are terrible, I am just about to change my prescription supplier from them.

I have several requirements and they put them on the computer only problem they never look at the computer when an order goes in so the item has to be resent for. 8-((


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