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BLOG - Give A dog a Bad Name & it will Bite !

BLOG - Give A dog a Bad Name & it will Bite !

Open Complaint Please Monitor NO FAIR HEARING

This concerns problems to submitting serious issues to the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman. It appears because numerous specific dates & incidents extending back 1996 can't be remembered when medically/ physically targetted by system [ Cuts - Thatcher ] out of employment NB J. Corbyn constituent MP North Islington , allowing PAs on LA remits to maladministrate likewise most others since, including NO FAIR HEARING

Your form is not submitting this is out of order .Had to copy & Paste NB Procedures & policies maladministrated since - even yourselves so can't remember as so time consuming & now have heart failure as result.Cardiac arrest 10 yrs ago .

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Am I a loose canon since physical targeting due to Thatcher's cuts as achieved BA 2001 & MA 2003 Visual Arts which paid for myself .Would not have done so without Special assistance[ which I could direct - DLA no [ ageism as 70 yrs old ] For heart failure symptoms were ignored by NHS still ignored 10 yrs later However they found dyspraxia at MA level [ coordination , location & the technical /numerical sequencing coordination] This was the same test used in research at the National for multi infant dementia which Late Mother had severely. Am I a guinea pig do nothing see what happens. By making me sign away my rights to access when I die although who refused to research to help me when alive will let it benefit themselves when no longer here .This is not acceptable .

My artistic concept how one is viewed by the system [ Government ] as one ages . This employs Impressionism & Abstraction in the technical concept too.

Just monitor my complaint??!! To follow.



[ having to change GP again 8x since 2012]

My new surgery's registration this Friday [ Manager ] would not allow to register unless put down yes on form allowing records to be viewed by anyone unqualified or designatedby admin.

There were over 6 types never heard of before forms ???!!! I had put could not verify as hadn't seen, them .How could I when did not know what they contained but suspect libel & defamation of character & a lack of confidentiality that Information Commission has allowed by not taking up issues in past

.Also Doctors / Specialist motives are now questionable since they are no longer taking the Hippocratic oath .So the real issues of fair access & treatment medically & socially are hidden being maladministrated by those on remits not to address the medical.If I can't get a fair hearing how can I . Are we no longer a democratic country? This proves it!

NB Emergency problem serious sudden issue the Surgery at the time Friday wanting to give 2 weekly appt or telephone from GP at usually 7pm ??!!!Treating again as a nuisance, after refusal to address respiratory problems by Respiratory Nurse & assigned Dr whose surgery it was when had been told by one before had cost too much money .When tit was them referring inappropriately to Choose & Book yet incontinence unit earlier that day said wanted GP tests even though neglecting medical issues re: utis, acute 3weekly, on neurogenic bladder no planning no transfer of appt even though sepsis/pyuria as can't catheterise too painful .

PS the GP didn’t phone & there was an ambulance outside when passed .So not surprised.


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