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I have recently had an extremely negative experience with these people who were supposed to carry out an assessment on my father with suspected dementia. The procedure was a farce and he was discharged on the first visit. Sadly my father died in hospital following a fall on 7th February, with cause of death on the certificate being dementia. Having complained to the service, I intend to make it official and am wondering if anyone else has a similar experience of this 'service'.


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Oh my not another there must be 1000s of us being defrauded by our own country ??! As Dementia just as bad ,in fact worse, than Cancer .Yet denied fair hospital & Governmental treatment I am getting it now with cardiac arrest.Security used to send me home day after when no-one to assist - revived 3x with angioplasty.Iam a potential bed blocker.

My Mother died before I could address the issues of her medical & social treatment re : the cognitive , with the legal at least 4/5 firms after questionably negligent ICAS & SEAP who appear to being directed by those who deliberately wrongly assess . All last weekend I read paperwork showing how maladministrating by using the unqualified on remits . We even had an Independent Review who would not address the effect of the Cognitive refusing to address my additions which are illegal.Then the firm left everything to last minute pretending sent to deflect from these actions as different person each time

All they had to do was look at DLA Applications & GP home record to see the level of hoodwinking.In my opinion it is fraud especially when as a result GP concerned has a new surgery at the back of PCT. My late father[ pharmacist] the carer died with a bill in his hand from Richmond social care when agreed to give the minimum washing & dressing from a man.He had prostate cancer , weak heart valves , arthritis 10x ambulances had refused to take her in for diagnosis ,when TIA s & multi infant dementia had not been diagnosed.She possibly had complication GCA but couldn't be diagnosed as couldn't speak .

My Late Father was the Carer I applied for DLA for him after Social Services had refused to assist & GP diagnose with Age Uk & MP colluding why weren't these records looked at ? As Mother didn't go into Care Homes till he died & didn"t know where she was or who I was?The hospital too will have had this because I continued the Outpatient appts.& it was quite clear to the hospital [ Kingston] she had no understanding .

By the way who came to his funeral the Head of Richmond Council who didn't even know or what he looked like. I wonder why?

PS By the way are you from the USA? Fall ?! Surely not the same there.... now theres Donald maybe he will sort out? Here they are too bothered with Brexit when it is their deliberate negligence causing it ?!

Suples in reply to skybluepink

No. I too am from Brexit land where incidentally this issue is currently being used a smoke screen for all other ills.

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