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Patient Collaboration [ NHS Constitution] - Surveys Still... Current?

I am so exasperated re: this , not only has Complaints system been corrupted but so called redevelopments & improvements are still scams only where only the name not structure is changed still relying on the corporate call centre, without discretion, urgency and responsibility approach.They just seem to be directed by more committees, taking expenses for what ? Only meeting 3 monthly or when called or summoned , like the Doctors nowhere to be seen at weekends and holiday times .

I offered my experiences of trying to address issues re : Complaints and 911 via a face to face survey [ current methods?] to find hoodwinking again using my age and disability dyspraxia to hoodwink as they cancelled the organised by time meeting behind my back .

Then ignoring or ever following up when showed my concern .Does that mean unfair findings may be further employed when obviously questionable .

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The whole system is corrupted and dysfunctional right through to the Ombudsman. The culture and design is to step away from complaints an deny negligence at all costs. Since my son died through unadmitted negligence the Ombudsman finally accepted the GP lied about her investigation and Solihull area mental health trust failed in their duties to help and support my son. It took 7 years for them to admit the negligence but expected me to just accept it with no further questions like 'so what happened to the doctors'? I've heard nothing more from the Ombudsman or doctors employers, and the GMC don't care to respond or react either. Business as usual for them but the whole episode has destroyed me. Never trust your doctor and always get a non NHS opinion.


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