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Sick of bad dentistry

Due to bad dentistry on the NHS, I've lost one tooth and had a root canal when early fillings would have sufficed.

Recently, I went for a check up and clean up. He cleaned the inside of the lower front teeth only, and without even looking at the rest of my teeth got me out of the chair as quickly as possible.

I've absolutely had enough of bad dentistry on the NHS. Its not a free service, my family have paid their taxes. I'll be complaining about my last visit, and my previous experiences that resulted in losing a tooth (I complained to the manager and never heard from her again).

Looking through dental forums, I can see that may others have had bad experiences with NHS dentistry. Unless we all complain and make our voices heard, its going to continue. I'll be making my complaints in writing. I urge anyone who has experienced what I have, to do the same.

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Try going to private dental clinic. Im not from uk but back home I only go to private clinic. Yes it can he expensive but having healthy teeth is worth the money.


I haver had to go abroad for restorative when NHS pretends cosmetic and the anaethetists won't touch because I have cardio breathing problems effecting function the NHS ignores. Low priority when died 3x of heart attack because of low pulse? Even there was hoodwinked because run by corporate procedures.Now have to travel over 1200 miles to see one dentist who is an anaethetist. As for NHS sent appt at a dental school 6 mths later when front tooth missing.Are they being taught to put patients last ignoring the Constitution. There is a conflict of interest here.


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